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This Saturday:  "Autumn Mist," the first scenario in the ELSENBORN RIDGE PanzerGrenadier series game.  Getting a new player into the system.  Should be good!

Ragnarok, the old Ares game. :D

Did a couple very non-wargames, and still wasn't ready to go for something large

(haven't finished scenario rules for Carthage: First punic war) nor back to SPQR yet.

Clipping counters for FH2 by LNL currently.


Tried to post pics in Forum but now my username+password wont let me login since software upgrade.

John,please check your email as would like to login to forum boards please.

Yes, it appears the forum had some issues with the member dbase during the upgrade. We are finding email addresses are getting deleted by mistake, so when folks try to login using their email address, it doesn't work. For those who can log in fine, please check your Preferences and ensure your email address is still listed. Thanks!

Leo hosted a game of Magic Realm for the club, for Magic Realm was his strong suit and he knew the game inside out. While I was hoping him to teach the game to the group of 6, only 3 actually showed up, including me. The rulebook, while has been refined all through the years, is still daunting to many with the number of pages. However, after Leo explained the concepts and we just played a month of exploration in the world of Magic Realm, with monsters only blocking the way without doing any actual combat, the game is actually much more streamlined and quicker to play than I expected!

I became Captain Lawrence, being friendly to most of the natives in the world, had a reputation doing an extra phase in dwellings. I soon came to a pool, searching out some large treasure items. They were sold later in the game and I earned 50 gold (with some real bargain because of the opportunity being rolled and the general friendliness with the people. I went to the Chapel, Guardhouse, Small Campfire and Large Campfire then back to the Borderland Inn where we all began. Leo was the first to do all this. Angus bumped into a vault but he was too light to kick out the door. So he couldn't find treasure item in there and had to go back to somewhere else, thus delaying his process. Our goal was to visit each dwelling on the board at least once and sought at least one large treasury item. We had fun with such a simple exploration mission and we were looking forward already to the next meeting for another mission - this time with combat!

Sounds great!  I have had this game for years, but never played.  I think the idea of just exploring is a good one, and want to dig it out and give it a whirl solo.  I do have the new rules but want to print them out before I actually play.  Thanks for the inspiration.

Busy weekend this weekend!

LNL Vietnam Forgotten Heroes II scn : The VIllage was played.

2 turns of SPII from SCS.

The final moves and bits from Leros  from the TCS series for the 10 am turn on Day 1 of the campaign.

Learning the rules on a few games Third World War (GDW) and another Russian front game GMT No Retreat.

Got SPI's War of the Ring set up.

Starting soon.

Might put it (and Ragnarok) up, since who but old grognards care about old SPI games?

LOve the old WotR. I recently got it out and sorted the counters. I had not touched that game literally in 20+ years!


Talk about time travel.

Saw some guys playing it last year at CSWExpo.  Been kinda on my mind since.

Preparing to play Space Empires 4X. Will play a VASSAL solo game before hosting a four player game.

My Space Empires just arrived!!!! Got very impressed by the quality of the game, specially the mounted map!


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