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Lucky old you...I wish I could even find ONE person to plat FTF!!!!

In this case, Space Empires, I actually had to turn down some players :)

Wife's playing SPI's War of the Ring with me.

Couldn't talk her out of it - and given that she liked things like AH's Wizards,

who knows?

Got The Pacific War back on the table after a 25 year absence.

Bill got me excited about it.

Played the solo Pearl Harbor scenario:

1st battle cycle saw the Nevada and Tennessee sunk, and the Arizona and California take 4 hits.  That gave me 4 of the 6 BB needed for the win.  I also scored 2 hits on the Pennsylvania and Oklahoma.

The second battle cycle saw a coordinated strike mission get to the target hex before being detected.  With the large airbase alerted, there was no longer a chance to win.

Cap over the airbase saw both sides take 2 hits, and the Japanese took another hit on the flak.  Unfortunately the 2 air units tasked with striking the airfield could only score 1 hit.

Over the port, the Japanese took a hit from flak.  2 more hits were scored on the Pennsylvania for a total of the needed 4 hits.  However the Oklahoma only took 1 hit for a total of 3.  The last squadron tried striking the Maryland, but whiffed completely.

Finally tally saw 5 of the needed 6 battleships with 4 hits or more, and only 4 steps of air units lost, 8 short of the needed 12 steps.  Bad deal, but good fun.

Cool Jeff! My friend Doug and I are going to play the Guadalcanal Campaign scenario this weekend.

I want to try that beast someday.

Its not a beast. Fantastic game.

Beasts can be good.

I just know that it's going to take months to play.

Had been working on the Axis Empires learning scenarios - now I'm through the first year

of the combined campaign (really really easy without war). Vids uploading.

Back to Fields of Fire. Was a bit burnt out after putting out the video series. Playing through the first Normandy mission again, and got my hat handed to me. In the middle of the re-attempt now.

Just finished a solo scenario in ASL (T16 Strayer's Strays) to learn the concealment rules.

Yes it is nice and short. Germans just edged it. I think I will try the OBA rules tomorrow.


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'Storming Juno' [Introductory Scenario #2] - 6 June 1944. [The Greatest Day [MMP, 2015]

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