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4 battles from GMT's "Nothing Gained but Glory". Played the Swedes only. Won 2, tied one, lost one. Great System.

SPI's "Napoleon at War", Battle of Wagram. Lost as Napoleon. Have not played these in decades. Great fun.

"Dune". First time. Lost but it was a better game than I thought.

Played all 4 battles of the "Truceless War" from C3I for SPQR. Played the Mercs. Won one battle only. GBOH is the best ever system for me.

Sounds like some great gaming.

Yes, next up Command and Colors-Ancients(GMT). A friend just received his "Spartans" and wants a try.

I just finished up soloing Pacific Battles: Guadalcanal from World at War Magazine. I have The Sun Never Sets on my table right now. Scenario: March to Peking 1860. 

Finished March to Peking and Zulu 1879. Both replay articles are posted in my CSW Forum Blog. I am playing the three Sudan scenarios, from The Sun Never Sets,  next.

What are your impressions of Pacific Battles: Guadalcanal?  I'm interested in this game too. 

I liked the game. It is typical Joe Miranda fare. He tries to model supply and logistics.


It is the first Guadalcanal game that I think I have played at this scale. Henderson Field is only one hex on the map. The whole island is depicted, so the fighting does not necessarily have to focus on one specific location.

It is operational, and there is an air mission subgame attached where players have to assign units to air superiority, inderdiction, bombardment, etc. Both sides collect VP for geography and enemy losses.

I am certain that there will be debate as there always is with Decision Games stuff.



Thanks for your inputs.  Much appreciated. 

I am currently playing: The Great War in Europe Deluxe (GMT). I have played the GWiE when it came out in Command 33. (I have both of the original Command games). It took a lot of time to straighten out the counter errata and updates, but I have done this. I am trying to figure out where to begin. Looks like fun.



I tried this one as I liked the period and the game components are really well-researched and  attractive.  When I played it however I was shocked at how quickly units disappeared.  To have a complete absence of British forces on the field in September is a lot different from having rag-tag remnants as you get in Der Weltkrieg which for me is a much better sim albeit drastically more tedious to play.


maybe I'll give it another shot one day as I liked some of the variable events.

Great game. I played an epic 8 1/2 month long PBEM Campaign with Wendell a year ago. We had a very good time.

Played: Five battles from GMT's C&C Spartans. Won 2, lost 3. Good for quickie play but won't replace GBOH.

"Eclipse" by Lautapelit. A Sci-Fi game on conquest and colonization of the Galaxy. Very Good. Has a better system for record keeping than GMT's Space Empires. Came out last but was lots of fun.


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