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I just finished up Keren 1941 East Africa which is in World at War magazine, number 25 I think. The replay article will likely appear at Moves Online on the Decision Games Website.


I am beginning a session of Germantown, by GMT. Probably will post an AAR on my Blog at CSW Forum.



Campaigns of King David (vids progressing here).

It really reminds me of how much I like tinkering with lighter games. One of the joys that is missing from the ones where it really feels as though the designer(s) have a solid grasp on what they want in terms of rules, and spell 'em all out.

I have finished Germantown (GMT) and then played through Monmouth (GMT). Replay articles with photos in my CSW Forum Blog.

Finished Monmouth. Now I'm on the the ACW, with Perryville. Finished Perryville. Now I'm with For the People.



The slow move through EU hath begun.

wrapping up Burma (OCS).

finished a brutal Operation Typhoon with 3 guys.....Sunday...ouch.....

Playing mid campaign Bloody Ridge...disaster for IJA..go figure. Thinking about a reset.

Played 3 times a 4 turn LNL scenario called Stay Behind. LRRP ambush VC, then extract....WOW, WOW, WOW.

getting ready to start polling for orders for formations in the Battle of Austerlitz. Play by Poll.

Playing Into The Breach 4 map  'monster' from LNLP - World at War: Scn 3 The Flood, 3 battalions of Soviets v 3 troops of US forces.

setting up Pharsalus - GBoH

gearing up for a Forgotten heroes on Friday live.

2nd fleet, 5th fleet, A44, and Honneur & Patrie (LNL) arrive Friday ish.

tying to learn rules to Empire of the Sun. 

Played a mixture of games at home, and Monstercon: Hans im Gluck's "St. Petersburg", Reiner Knizia's "Medici", VPG's 20 games; "Bussaco", "Jena", and "Vittoria"; GMT's games "Flying Colors: Trafalgar", and "Labyrinth" and Compass Games "God Kings".

Great Time again at Monstercon.

How do you like Flying Colors? I saw a demo copy at an FLGS the other day and now it is on my radar, but I haven't played.

It is a great game. It is just the right amount of complexity for a game on sailing ships of the Napoleonic Era. I've played it for the last 3 years at Monstercon. 

Thanks, I'll check it out!

Space Empires 4X

Finished. Got the replay up in my blog.


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Guide to Operation Overloard Games [D-Day, Normandy, 6 June 1944]
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