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Playing the 20th Maine by OSG,  solitaire.  I didn't like the standard counters, so I created a custom set with better graphics and mounted them myself.  Plus I can still say the game is unpunched!

I recently watched the 5-hour Ken Burns Gettysburg movie and was amazed at what those guys went through.  I also just started reading "Stand Firm" about the 20th as well.

I bought it new waaay back when, but never played it until this year.

asl starter kit 1.


any players in the sterling/rock falls illinois?or any wargamers in general?

Played "Guelphs and Ghibellines" by Europa Simulazioni. This is battles of the High Middle Ages in Italy. We played the battles of Montaperti,1260(won) and Benevento, 1266(lost). There is a third battle called Campaldino, 1289. The system is a mixture of GMT's GBOH and Men of Iron. It has a added rule on Command Capacity. This causes degradation of a Leader and his personal contingent as the battle progresses. This represents, I believe, the friction of battle, fatigue, etc. We both liked the system and I highly recommend this game.

SPI's old classic, 'Armegeddon.'

Played: AH's Britannia, the original Bar Lev, GMT's Carthage, MMP's The Mighty Endeavor, and Arsuf from Vae Victis Le Lion & l'epee.

Washingtons war, and Monmouth by GMT... and eagerly awaiting my 4th edition Napoleon from Columbia games.

FInally getting to play some full ASL! Just finished a live Vassal/Skype game of the 'Gavin Take' scenario with SamH. Next up is 'Fighting Withdrawal'.

Games in the Conflict of Heroes Series - Awakening the Bear (2nd ed.), Storms of Steel, and Price of Honour.

Going to be playing TSS, but first I have to sort out the counters.  Someone put them away in total disarray!

Such a beautiful map.

In a Colonial frame of mind so I'm taking a couple of the old Bearhug Publications Zulu war games out for a spin. I also have Phoenix Enterprises' Zulu Attack and Remember Gordon in the queue. The Khartoum mini-game in Remember Gordon is worth the price alone. Using counters from the Omdurman game one can create a number of 'what-if' scenarios (plausible or not). It satisfies the itch for tabletop Colonial gaming until I can schedule a Rorke's Drift game in 15mm.

Convinced my son to play Panzer Battles (SPI).  I thought it would be a fairly simple game (first time for me as well).  It took Over an hour to get the basic rules down and then the combat was way beyond what I had experienced.  I can't believe that there were seven dimensions to the CRT!  And somehow I think I missed something!

It got easier the longer we played.  We tried the Gazala scenario.  He was the Germans and cleared out my first company of tanks within three turns.  I concluded that Rommel didn't have to be that great because the superiority of his weapons was head and shoulders above whatever the Brits had!


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