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Board Game: Axis & Allies anniversary edition arranged for this weekend! 

Browser Game: Empires at War 1805 !

Computer Game: XCOM Enemy Unknown in progress :D

Unconditional Surrender: Europe. More fun than I expected.

I am looking forward to your reviews and vids on this game. I purchased it with a lot of anticipation for what it could offer. Looking at the components and graphics it appears to me that it could be like looking at one of those big boards in the Underground of London during the war and making war changing decisions with big chiefs.

The playbook outlines a way to ease into the game, starting with small scenarios well-suited to solitaire play. I taught my brother the game in an afternoon playing this way, culminating with the conquest of France scenario.

The core rules are very well written. Unfortunately, the policies and events
are lots of little rules by exception. Takes some time to remember enough
of them to understand it all.

Play aids are really useful though.

On the table is Dead of Winter (GMT). Just finished setting up the Union and Confederate Forces for the start of the battle at 0600 hrs on December 31st, 1862.

I am now drawing up battle plans. I will send the Union Left Wing under Crittenden across Stone's river and attack and hopefully destroy the Rebel Right, while Thomas' Center will try and break through the defensive works along the Nashville Pike and the Nashville-Chattanooga Rail Road. McCook's Right Wing will have to hold the line as best as they can against the mass of the Confederate Army.

DoW is my first Civil War game. I am anxious to see how this plays out...

How did it go?  What era do you typically play?  Anything to note in how you had to play differently?

It went quite well for a first play through. I spent a considerable amount of time making battle plans. When I first read the rules it seemed a bit much to digest, but it all comes together nicely once I started to play the game. However, I made a number of mistakes (like trying to move quickly through cedar hexes) and overlooked/forgot certain rules (like moving artillery within 3 hexes of the enemy, which is not allowed). So after a few turns I decided to start over. I enjoyed it very much, I like the chit-pulling system and the Command rules. And it looks good too. I will play DoW again soon and am thinking about ordering Three Days in Gettysburg to continue my exploration of the American Civil War. 

I usually play WW2 games. On the table right now is First to Fight and next up is Storm over Scandinavia. The Europa series is new to me and I will try and get my hands on every title. 

  • Eclipse - three-player. Fun, though it seemed to have a lot of luck.
  • Guillotine - a fun filler game
  • Unconditional Surrender: Europe - taught someone to play using the Poland, Denmark-Norway, then Fall of France scenarios.  Also playing this one solitaire via CB.
  • Conquest of Paradise - key play to fend off a military conquest and win with development cards.

On the PC:

  • X-Com
  • Civ V
  • Europa Universalis IV - learning
  • League of Legends - a multiplayer game popular in my family from time to time.

Played: GMT's "Dark Valley" at Monstercon to a finish. Lost as the Soviets. A good game but a little different.
GMT's "Hoplite". Very Good and Recommended.

MMP's "Shifting Sands". First time for both. A fun game but we both made some big mistakes. Now we have some experience for a replay.

Playing Rise of Roman Republic (finally).

Picked it up a couple years ago, but so many games to play.

Played GMT's "Wellington" with our gaming group. Only had 3 players, 2 French, one Brit/Sp. The French had a decisive win. At Madrid, a all out, no holds battle was fought.Wellington was put out of action and the Brits were wiped out. All sides were low on cards after this. Good Game.

VPG's "Days of Battle: Golan Heights". A different but nice game on the opening round of this battle by the Israelis to protect Northern Israel. The Israelis held and went on to win the game. VPG says historically it was a draw. There are cards for unknown events that can happen but the ZOC's of the bunkers are the kicker. If the Israeli player uses these right they will hold and go over to a counterattack quickly. Very Good and a nice addition to anyone's game stock.


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