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Played 2 White Dog games: "Solitaire Caesar", a fun little game on the "whole" Roman Empire. This is to the fall of Constantinople to the muhammadans in 1453. Actually, Trebizond, the last piece of the Roman Empire fell in 1461 to the same. Don't get greedy at the beginning by taking to much territory. You need garrisons to protect your conquests. You will lose too soon.

"Master and Commander" a simple game on Napoleonic navel warfare. Just so-so. GMT's "Flying Colors" is much better, but then its a more elaborate game.

Nice review, thanks.

Played: "Reconquista: The Struggle for Moorish Spain" by White Dog Games. A solitaire game on the Spanish people's liberation of their lands from the Moors. A fun little game that can become "bad news" for either side on a die roll.

"Firefly" the board game by Battlefront Miniatures, Ltd. . 1-4 players and is lots of fun. Hire Ladies for a crew. It won for me. Much replay value.

Played: "Fortress America" by Milton Bradley. Similar to SPI's Invasion America in which 3 invading forces try to wipe America off the map. It is a hard play for the American player. There are the Euro's, Latin-Americans, and the Yellow Peril from the East.  It is open-ended to win. The invaders win by taking a total of 18 cities between them out of 30. Then a special turn for the invaders to fight each other to see who is top winner. The American player wins if the invaders concede. Our gaming group played this and America was wiped out. Not bad for a Milton Bradley game. See link for further info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortress_America_%28board_game%29

"Iwo Jima" by TSR/SPI. A solitaire game on the battle. Just OK. Too much die rolling. Might work better as team play.

Played: Some more GBOH(GMT) new edition of "Alex the Great". Outstanding game and system.

"Genesis: Empires and Kingdoms of the Ancient Middle East" by GMT. It covers 1700BC to 1200BC. Did not finish our scenario but was lots of fun. Must play some more. Plays 1-5 players.

Played at Monstercon: GMT's "Hoplite: Battle of Plataea" with 5 players, 2 Greek, 3 Persian. Greeks won but close. Great game and system. Then GMT's "Genesis" with 3 players. Another great game. Both these took about 2.5 days each. Then GMT's "Normandy 44". Unusual system but liked it.

DVG's "Warfighter" A scenario against a muslim's HQ. 3 player team. Success, destroyed the HQ.

We Thank you, John Kranz, for another Great Game Convention. I always look forward to this every year.

Played with my gaming group: GMT's Genesis again. Still only 3 players. Played Scenario 5; Return of the Assyrians. Assyrian player won on the last turn(3). This scenario covers the last 3 turns of the campaign game. 2nd time our gaming group has played this game. Third time for me. Great game. Played also with our gaming group "Firefly" from Battlefront Miniatures, LTD. A SF game on space trading based on the movie of same name. Very good.

Playing: W&W 41, "Mare Nostrum". A game on the whole Med theater. There are air, naval, and ground units. We have made lots of miscues and bugged Mr. Miranda a lot for help but are having great fun. This is our first play. Once we sort the miscues and bugs out maybe a Campaign game.

Played: AH's "Dinosaurs of the Lost World". This was with our gaming group. Each person picks a game when their turn comes around. This was a player's pick. Tongue-in-cheek humor. Not my cup of tea but still OK.

S&T's #301 "Kaiser's War in the East, 1914-1918". A good game but hard for the Russian Player.

Mod War #25 " October War: Arab-Israeli War 1973". Covers both fronts; Golan and Sinai with lots of chrome, hidden units, air combat, and also lots of bugs in the rules. Muslims won a minor victory on a cease fire but not sure we even did that correct. Try again after a new set of rules comes out clearing the "bugs" out.

Played: With our gaming group: "Genesis" by GMT, a popular game with the group, and Crosscut's game "Galactic Emperor", a game of galactic conquest. Both are good games.

S&T's #257 "Chosin: X Corps Escapes the Trap" by Decision Games. The marine division was wiped out but the Americans pulled off a win. They have lots of Firepower with artillery and air. First time played. Very Good.

Haven't posted in a couple of years. Recently came back. Playing a lot on vassal. Three separate games of Atlantic Wall on Vassal using pbem. The GOSS system is so compelling. Hard to want to play other things. Also have a Vassal FTF game of Liberty Roads ongoing. On my table I have solo learning games of Storm of Steel and Iron Tide: Panzers in the Ardennes. Both are interesting, under rated games.

I am truly glad to here some love for the GOSS system.  It's under appreciated, IMHO!

Played: "Platoon Commander: Korea 1950" by Tiny Battle Game company. There is 4 battles of the Korean War and played all. The mechanics are easy, but still some ambiguities, easily resolved.  A nice little gem and Recommended.


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