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very cool dude.

2nd fleet is on table! 

Right now I have the current World at War issue game, Sedan, on the table.

Had a blast playing 4-player 1812: The Invasion of Canada.  My wife and I played our two sons.  My wife and older son are not into wargames the way my younger son and I are, so we were thrilled at how this particular game let us play two cooperative sides against each other.  A great time was had by all, ending in a tie (very Canadian).  

We played Lord of the Rings: the Card Game. Can't be sure about the game after only one play, but it was certainly engaging.  The art is gorgeous. The characters had our Tolkienista expanding on their histories.

Finally, my younger son and I are playing For the People.  I've owned it (and the AH version) forever, but hadn't found a good opponent for it.  Now that he's leaving for school tomorrow, we are really enjoying this one.  

Just started two VASSAL games of Andean Abyss

I have decided to pick up Alsace 1945 by Avalanche Press.

Has anyone played this?

If so, what was your verdict. Good or bad, I will still play it :)

Wow, Prefect!? You may be the only person I know who has actually played it. Borrowed my buddy's copy last month and read through the rules. Interesting but I'd have to put it at the end of the Renegade Legion games I'd want to play. But any RL is great RL!

Finished up a solo game of Case Yellow.  Very interesting experience: the Allies win, despite the Germans dominating the board. The Germans took four turns to reach the Channel, while the French and Brits managed to get lots of steps out of Oostende, despite disruption from the Luftwaffe. 

Now trying Red Star Rising...

That was tantalizingly disappointing. There are so many interesting parts to Red Star Rising, especially the random strengths for Soviet units that improve as time goes on.  The supply system is also interesting, in that it allows the Germans, especially the mech forces, to operate beyond their supply, but at a cost in movement and effectiveness.  

There seems to be a mismatch between the scale of the map, the ZOC rules, and the number of Soviet units. The weak ZOCs mean you want units shoulder to shoulder, but there simply aren't that many of them, even on the main fronts.  The end result is the ability of the Germans to infiltrate, surround, and destroy. In the last turn I played, the Soviets lost 6 infantry armies, about as many as they would get in reinforcements, including 3 permanently.  A great battle was developing around Moscow, but there just weren't enough Soviet defenders, and that was with the southern front wide open for the axis.  I also couldn't see how the asymetric turn order was going to let the Soviets go on the offensive, except for brief periods (it's a game with axis move, axis combat, soviet combat, soviet move, then axis mech move), but I can't comment on that fairly, as I didn't get to that part of the war.  

Tantalizingly interesting bits, but overall it didn't feel right.  

Been playing a lot of Bloody April via VASSAL and posting videos on BGG. What a great game!

I figured it would be an illuminating experience, and wondered if it would be a fun game.  What do like about it?


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