We've all done it--either sold these once beloved games or relegated them to the closet shelf or garage forever. Now, I'm not talking about "dogs"--yes, there's little to no emotion save for disgust, disappointment, anger, or even outrage when we kiss them goodbye. But what about games that were your favorites that you no longer play?

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I find that I play Panzer Leader more than I like. It is often the only game that intersects with me an other live players. So, insteaed of playing one one one with my more modern and favorite games ... I end up playing this old standard becuase it is the only game we have in common. GOODWOOD is my favorite.

As for games I've gotten rid of ... my entire collection of The Gamers TCS series. While I really try to like Tactical level games ... the bore me. I'm much more interested in games at the compnay/battlion/regimental level. These games allow me to look into what if situations, which is the whole reason I enjoy wargames.

I'm hooked on The Games SCS, OCS, and CWB series games and snatch them up whenever I can ... I also enjoy may GMT games ...

As for other games I've let go ... AH Anzio is another one, plus several S&T bagged games. I don't really miss them ....
There was a game I really enjoyed, "The War College" from Gametek dating back to 1995. "The simulation's core principle is a departure from traditional turn-based, hex tile mechanics towards real-time rendering of unit movement on accurately recreating topographical maps of historical battlefields. The presentation remains highly abstract, with units represented as colored lines and blocks and combat resolved in short text messages."

There were only 4 battles Pharsalus (48BC), Austerlitz (1805), Antietam (1862) and Tannenberg (1914). It was supposed to be an educational experience for historical tactical studies instead of a game. The company was supposed to add more battles, new maps and eras represented, yet the company folded with the future of that concept. No other organisation took that idea to developed it in the last tales of the 90's. I feel sad about this one, as Windows upgraded it became impossible to replay. I did enjoy the learning experience at a time where no other PC tactical games where teaching anything significant.
Ironclads and its expansion fall in that category. I played them a lot at one time, but how haven't touched them in years.
I will play my first Block game ( Columbia games ) "Hammer of the Scots" this weekend. I have the original Block game of "Napoleon" (?) and have never played it in over 30 years. It was on my list to sell but now this. There is just too many damn games
I've just set up W.V. and considering some mentioned rule changes that have been discussed. Has anyone gone down this road?
i have found a 1961 version of D-Day which i played as a youngster. brought back fond memories while playing it recently. would be nice to initiate a PBM with someone, as in the "olden days". liked Bismark! also.
Being a Navy brat myself, I definitely relate here. In fact, I'm cleaning out my game footlockers in the next couple weeks to build boxes of games to auction at PrezCon in Charlottesville, end of February. Some real gems are going to go on the block. But I know I won't play them again. I just won't. So, ya gotta just let go...
Thanks for this post, Joey!
I let Victory Game's CARRIER go after it sat on the shelf. Yes....a solo game that I thought I would never part with....but I noticed I would never get it back to the table...too many other great games to play and I do have some great solo games to break in. So...after a trade offer...I thought I would let it go to someone who will get it to the table!
I've never sold or given one away. I've lost a few that I lent out to friends and that stings. I had a game on Normandy (by attaktix I think) with a very pretty little map.
The stalwarts of the old TERRIBLE SWIFT SWORD system are dropping off my game shelf. I'd sold off my old TERRIBLE SWIFT SWORD versions (both the original and the TSR second edition) and just unloaded BLOODY APRIL, the monster game on Shiloh. Next to go will be THE GLEAM OF BAYONETS once Dean Essig's new monster on Antietam hits the streets. I still keep all those little games, like STONEWALL, PEA RIDGE, ROAD TO WASHINGTON, CEDAR MOUNTAIN, and so on, as there's not much out there on those battles (and am still looking for those versions of Port Republic and Cross Keys!). Also unloaded WELLINGTON'S VICTORY in the flatbox at PrezCon too, even though I've been less than impressed with the La Battaille version of Waterloo. Once I hear there's going to be a remake/new edition, I unload the old stuff. WAR IN EUROPE in the flat box and WAR IN THE EAST (2nd Ed) in the "soap box" went to the auction block too. I've got the DG edition of WIE which I've still not played--and DG is talking about doing yet another upgrade of that game! As much as I loved these games in their day, I know I won't play them again, especially with titles that are so much better.

Perhaps more heretical was letting go of my entire East Front division series games at the PrezCon auction, plus others. The old BATTLE FOR MOSCOW, THE MOSCOW CAMPAIGN, TURNING POINT: STALINGRAD, old PANZERGRUPPE GUDERIAN, KHARKOV, DRIVE ON STALINGRAD, KURSK, and old DESTRUCTION OF ARMY GROUP CENTER--all gone. Quaint titles, some still good (like PGG), but I won't play them ever again...

Like leaving old girlfriends. You treasure the memories, cherish the recollections, but you can never go back.
Of course, that means I'd have to go back to PCs...maybe they'll make a version for iPad! Or a Mac OS X version....

I did see it just now. Wow. You'll have to describe this in detail (dare we hope for a turn-by-turn AAR??)


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