We've all done it--either sold these once beloved games or relegated them to the closet shelf or garage forever. Now, I'm not talking about "dogs"--yes, there's little to no emotion save for disgust, disappointment, anger, or even outrage when we kiss them goodbye. But what about games that were your favorites that you no longer play?

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WAR IN THE PACIFIC session...I'm there. We'd have to stock up on Scotch and cigars for the time it will take us to complete it.

Kind of makes you guys get the itch to venture back out to MonsterCon doesn't it!!

What are you playing at MonsterCon this year?

Right now the plan is to play Wellington's Victory, with a few rules modifications Mark has found. We figure to finish it early, and then open game and do some playtesting.

Matt - while you dumped your ASL, you can still come play the Sk stuff with us at March Madness, Heck, i'd even let you play with some of your old ASl counters if you miss them :-)

It's not monsterCon, but a heck of a lot closer.
Not a long time ago I gave away 150 wargames.

In that lot were the complete SL/ASL collection that I have played with since 1977. it was my favorite game for years. I had second thoughts for a Looong time about doing this!!! I even bought back a full ASL rulebook on E-Bay...

But now I play Advanced Tobruk, or the excellent "Steel Panthers: World at War" on the computer, and I am happy. :-)
For me, too many to list. I basically sold off my whole collection at least three times over the years. The first time (around 1980), I decided I'd never have time for more than three good wargames. So I kept Squad Leader (and its expansions), Wooden Ships & Iron Men, and Richthofen's War--a tactical land, sea, and air game. Figured that'd be a nice trilogy to stick with.

But I didn't. Soon decided RF wasn't as good as the others, so I looked for a replacement. Then I realized I wasn't playing WS&IM, mainly because it didn't lend itself to solitaire. So, I spent several years searching for the right three games to specialize in. Meanwhile, SL/ASL was taking up most all my gaming time.

Then, around 1995, I decided I was fed up with complex wargames. If I put ASL away for a couple months, I'd have to face the learning curve all over again when I pulled it out and set up a scenario. Too much. So, I decided to limit myself to games that I could be up and running with in a half hour or less (including time to refresh myself on the rules). That took a big bite out of my collection. I was left with mostly Avalon Hill's "Smithsonian" series of games.

By 1999, I realized I wasn't playing any wargames anymore. The light ones weren't satisfying, and I didn't have the time or patience for anything more complex. So I sold everything, including all the SL/ASL stuff I had lovingly collected over the course of many years.

After a long hiatus, I'm just now tentatively easing back into wargaming via some relatively new titles from Victory Point Games. In a way, they seem embarrassingly simple, but I have to admit they're about all I'm willing to deal with. And they're actually very good games, IMO.

Looking back, I don't think I'd want any of the games I've let go of. They were great in their day, and I have fond memories of them. But they're not right for me now. So, I've let go, and I'm starting to move forward.

Squad Leader was one of my definite favorite games together with Ironclads, Stalingrad and Sicily.

I am disappointed that I don't play them any more.
Letting go of games is tough..but necessary..you cant play them all. I currently am taking pics of all my old wargames, and am getting ready to Ebay them to make space. Wizards Quest, Ogre Deluxe, Diplomacy, etc.. etc... oh well :(
I well understand this. Unloaded a trove of these at the PrezCon 2009 auction and walked away with a hefty sum. All my 1st Ed Europa stuff went, my 1st Ed copy of DAK, and a whole lot of other games that I'll never play again.
I enjoyed playing AH's Midway, Enemy in Sight, 3W's Modern Naval Battles with my sons when they were much younger. Those still reside in the wargame closet. I still have 3W's Kirovograd, which was a favorite, but I can't seem to find the energy to play it anymore.
For me it's the old Avalon Hill "Russian Campaign" (and the later, improved, reincarnation by L2 games).

I gave many of the numerous copies that I owned to good friends. And still have a few in stock.
But i just cannot go back to playing that all-time favorite of mine since I have designed my own take on the Nazi-Sovoet war. Sigh. https://victorypointgames.com/details.php?prodId=72
I don't believe that I could ever part ways with the Russian Campaign! It is an excellent game! I have parted ways with Tactics II and War at Sea.


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