We've all done it--either sold these once beloved games or relegated them to the closet shelf or garage forever. Now, I'm not talking about "dogs"--yes, there's little to no emotion save for disgust, disappointment, anger, or even outrage when we kiss them goodbye. But what about games that were your favorites that you no longer play?

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Eric, I recently traded away my copy of Flat Top. Naval Wargames are a favorite topic and I have played all the scenarios of Flat Top many times. I can't say that I have a favorite scenario. It was sad the day that i traded to a fellow gamer on BGG. But I still have VITP to play as well as WAS and some naval wargames from Avalanche Press. I like the GWAS series that they put out now and WWI is a good subject for naval wargames. I know what you mean about Panzer Blitz and Panzer Leader. I love those games! :-) I too don't feel like playing them much. I'm into IDF and Arab-Israeli Wars. Well, enough ranting!
Lee, I love FLAT TOP a lot too, but I confess I'll probably not play it unless it's umpired. And if I do, I'm sure there will be some aspects of the game that irritated me that will come back to irritate me again. Like you, I got hooked on SWWAS series...
World in Flames .. our group spent 2 years + playing almost nothing but. Had all the expansions going, too. But after a while we sort of "snapped out of it" after realizing how many other games we were giving the miss to .. this was in the late 90s, when a lot of today's more innovative game systems were starting to appear (area, point, cards, initiative chits, etc ...)

All the WiF components are stored in a huge plastic bin. Maybe one day ...
I got into WiF around the 2d Edition and loved it. I got every edition and the supplements beyond that as well and have been slowly selling them off. I'll probably keep my copy of Deluxe Final Edition (with all those Africa Aflame, Ships in Flames, Mech in Flames, Planes in Flames ad naseum) and Days of Decision III, but I'll be surprised if I ever play them. I never even punched out the counters to this version (thought I have a 4th Edition with add ons that is used). I probably will play FATAL ALLIANCES (World War I WiF variant), but haven't yet....sigh.
I purchased my first subscription ($9 per year) to S&T and received issue #26 which included Grunt The Game of Tactical Level Combat in Vietnam. This was back in 1971. I especially wanted to purchase the first issue because I was a Vietnam vet. The counters are unpunched, the magazine is in pristine condition. The articles were fascinating at the time, so I read it once then filed the entire contents away. Eric, post encouraged me to pull out some of the old issues to reread some of the articles. They are not as well written as the ones S&T presents now in their new issues which is now into the 200's. Nonetheless the articles are very interesting.
Not to wander too far off the 'rez but what's also interesting is that if you read the various S&T articles devoted to "current" military subjects that have come out over the years, you can see the shifts in perceptions about the current military situation. I recall back in the '70s (6th Fleet was my first S&T issue) that every article seemed to talk about how doomed NATO was and how the Soviets were just going to walk into Western Europe, sink our fleets, etc. and there was nothing we could do to stop them. The 80s seemed to slowly turn the other way and by the mid-90s, there was all sorts of talk about the "new world order" ad nausium. Anyway, just my dos centavos.

To tie this back to the topic, some games have not aged very well such as 6th Fleet (the SPI version).
I really like the new games that come in the S&T magazines. The articles are well written too. I remember playing Objective Moscow with my younger brother. I wish I hadn't given the game away(mistake) because it is really hard to find a reasonably priced copy on E-bay. Kudos to SPI!
I think of a lot of those old SPI games that I know I'll never play again, even though they were my favorites -- SIXTH FLEET (for sure), TASK FORCE, MODERN WAR QUADs, OCTOBER WAR, the original RED STAR/WHITE STAR, FOXBAT AND PHANTOM, AIR WAR, FULDA GAP, FIREFIGHT, RAID!, and more. Sigh.
I liked 6th Fleet (SPI) and Task Force (SPI) too, but found several major flaws with them. I wrote variants for both the got printed in fanzinese Outposts and The Broadside respectively. I haven't played either in decades.
Too true. While Panzerblitz was my first game, it was SPI's Tank! that introduced me to the competition and their modern era games. These excited me even more than the WWII games. It was many years, and many traded away classics such as Punic Wars and Frederick the Great, before I developed an interest in any time period prior to the 20th century.
Some of those S&T games on "earlier" eras really were good, such as PUNIC WARS and FREDERICK THE GREAT. And yes, they were easy to trade away when you were interested in the latest modern "hardware" games. Those latter titles have stood the test of time rather well--one can still play a good number of them even today (e.g., AMERICAN CIVIL WAR as yet another golden oldie) whereas I can't pick up OCTOBER WAR or PANZER BATTLES without putting it back down after only fondling the counters and map...just no desire to play this stuff any more. Yet, I loved them in their day and thought they were the greatest thing.

Thinking back on it, there's a number of pre-20th Century S&T games I'd still play, from STONEWALL to NEY VERSUS WELLINGTON to WILSON'S CREEK, to say nothing of the older titles. CONQUISTADOR was a longtime favorite. I even rounded the corners on ROAD TO RICHMOND playing that game so much. So I don't think I can list those titles here because I'd still play them.

But there aren't too many S&T 20th Century games where I'd still say that. Most have been relegated to the closet/footlocker for good, even though they were fun when I first broke them out....goodbye RAID, goodbye COBRA, goodbye KHARKOV (sorry, Jim Werbaneth!), sigh....
Sixth Fleet was my first S&T game, too! My buddy and I really liked the novelty of the combat > move sequence of play and the excitement of the opening turns when the Soviet player's setup was revealed and we'd see if it was enough to deliver the early knock out blow.

Then I discovered Jane's and the many gaps in the games O.B. I can't imagine playing it again now.


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