We've all done it--either sold these once beloved games or relegated them to the closet shelf or garage forever. Now, I'm not talking about "dogs"--yes, there's little to no emotion save for disgust, disappointment, anger, or even outrage when we kiss them goodbye. But what about games that were your favorites that you no longer play?

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Tactics II, Waterloo (AH), Guadacanal (AH), Richtoffen's War, Afrika Corps (AH), Midway (AH), numerous SPI...I needed to, but wish I had some of them back...
Ah, so many. Most of all it is all my Victory Games - Sixth Fleet, NATO- the Next War in Europe. Squad Leader and ASL modules- Beyond Valor, Yanks, the whole series. The games were great, but I had not further time for them.
Time is always the issue. ASL can still be played in short sittings (depending on the scenario and if you get time to review the rules). Harder for the other games.

It's one reason I so love VPG games these days - easy to take along on a TDY.

Oh, I used to play all kinds of things. From Tactics II in 1960 on. Once played a lot of Blitzkrieg, even wrote a whole set of rules to add nukes, SAMs, airmobile stuff (I think, it was back there), played it once. Broken back warfare took on a new meaning... Loved Anzio, 1914, and longed to play Jutland (but never had a spare basketball court available). Panzerblitz took me away, played the bejasus out of it for years, made my own boards, including a 5'x4' board with hand drawn hexagons, freehand mind you. I hallucinated hex grids on walls for weeks afterwards... Then SPI came along. Oh my. Played all kinds of things, yes indeed, enjoyed TSS, Wacht (obviously, plagarism is the sincerest form of flattery), played a lot of Tank, Air War (I tried nearly every air system, found few satisfactory), then GDW, played solitaire and with the Bro's club a lot of Europa and other stuff, but then I got into designing, and publishing. That was nearly the end of playing board games, except playtesting my own. Lots I wanted to, but... two kids, who has the time? Eventually I got into miniatures, through my kids. For the last... 25 years, at least, probably more, been playing little but Command Decision and Vive L'Empereur. Accumulated and painted a remarkable amount of stuff, terrain, etc.
Hi Jack, how goes it? Had not heard from you in a while. Have you tried any of the 'euros' sort of games for with the family? Some of them are excellent.

pax, smn
I'm playing the games you threw away.
Not letting go but sure can't find the time to play any of the old SPI monster games like I used too - like The Next War,War Between the States,etc. Heck,I still have War in the East 1st ed set up in the basement family room for a couple of months now and not even touched.
I know, isn't it heartbreaking? The one old SPI monster game I'd want to play (because I never got so much to touch it) is WAR BETWEEN THE STATES. THE NEXT WAR would be #2. Everything else I at least got to play once, if not the full game (usually an attempt--I don't remember even getting close to finishing a campaign game of something other than the old OPERATION: TYPHOON). The other stuff I'm letting go of or relegating to the closet. Already parted with ATLANTIC WALL, BLOODY APRIL, and WAR IN THE PACIFIC (1st Ed)--have some good memories regarding the latter two titles. DESCENT ON CRETE is next on the block to go out the door. While I won't call that game a dog, it came close. Just so boring. But I ought to let go of HIGHWAY TO THE REICH (2nd Ed), WAR IN EUROPE, and CAMPAIGN FOR NORTH AFRICA. I loved the first two games despite their flaws and just couldn't get past a few turns of the latter. They just take up space now...but I'm so damn nostalgic I don't know that I can part with them!
May as well relate my horror story. I purchased my first game in 1970. By 1985 I had been married for 5 years still managing to buy a game every few months. I had close to 200 titles at that point including most of the monster games by SPI and a few other biggies like Drang. Wife and I divorced. She took all my games when she left(I was out of town). Never saw her or the games again. I have about 25 games now. I buy one every now and then as finances allow.

Such is life at times.
Oh, this hurts to no end. I have a physical reaction just reading this.

I agree - oh that hurts. One thing I can say is my ex never did anything to my games while we were in the process of ending our marriage. Granted I may not have had many (more Stratomatic baseball cards than games) but either way would have been a cruel and effective way to hit back. I had WIE, WITE, Invasion America, After the Holocaust and other goodies that would be near irreplacable...


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