We've all done it--either sold these once beloved games or relegated them to the closet shelf or garage forever. Now, I'm not talking about "dogs"--yes, there's little to no emotion save for disgust, disappointment, anger, or even outrage when we kiss them goodbye. But what about games that were your favorites that you no longer play?

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I second that, it's just bloody awful. You definitely have my condolences.
Thunder at Cassino, Panzer Leader
I recently traded away my PRESTAGS Master Pack, knowing full well that it would never hit my table again. It had probably been 15 years since it had been even set up, and more still than it had actually been played. But I know it's gone on to a good gaming home. :-/
Yet, what causes wargame collectors from putting those sentimental boxes of cardboard on the eBay market!? I PCS around the country and continue to ship a footlocker full of ASL, even unpunched copies of "Beyond Valor" and "Yanks".
Worse, I continue to PCS around the country with boxes of ASL stuff that I've not played, but second and third unpunched copies of BEYOND VALOR, YANKS, and everything else!
My question is what is the attraction to all of us buying games that we will never play?
Is it all curiosity on what the game looks like , how the game plays, etc. and when we find out that it takes too much work we stick it in a closet. Then comes the day of reckoning and we decide we are never going to play it and we sell it,, only to buy it again someday because someone gave it a rave review and loves it and we do it all again????.
Yes twice!!

But if you do not play them how do you which are Dogs and which are great. I have games on the shelf that have not even been played yet for 30 years. I hear "Civil War" by Victory games is fantastic yet it is now my second copy ( first one with all my other games burned in a fire ) and has sat there for 12 years without play. If a game is bad ( Dog ) I would put it on EBay in a heart beat for someone else that may have loving memories of it. My problem is to at least playing some of them once,, then make that decision.
This is a game I will hang onto, even with DG's WAR BETWEEN THE STATES, 2nd Edition, even with GMT's FOR THE PEOPLE (2nd Ed), even with COA's WAR FOR THE UNION, even with the upcoming MMP game LINCOLN'S WAR. There's just nothing else like it and--in my book--so far nothing I see on the horizon in development looks like it can replace this classic. So I'm keeping mine. Definitely something I will play again in the future!
Well, it was time to survey the modern/contemporary shelf to make room for ELUSIVE VICTORY: AIR WAR OVER THE SINAI, ICI, C'EST LA FRANCE, and the huge box for WHERE THERE IS DISCORD. Something had to give. With great pain I took down Victory Games' KOREAN WAR, telling myself that I wouldn't play it again since I had OCS KOREA: THE FORGOTTEN WAR which was a far better system and compatible with other OCS-series games. But the Victory Games title had been a favorite and was (and still is) wonderful. The tyranny of shelf space. Sigh.


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