We've all done it--either sold these once beloved games or relegated them to the closet shelf or garage forever. Now, I'm not talking about "dogs"--yes, there's little to no emotion save for disgust, disappointment, anger, or even outrage when we kiss them goodbye. But what about games that were your favorites that you no longer play?

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Just got Ted Raicer's STALIN'S WAR and have been going through the CONSIMWORLD Forum postings and the GMT published long replay of this game. Wow. I think I could seriously get hooked on this game. This means a lot of other games are going into the footlocker. Ty Bomba's remake of BARBAROSSA, published in the premier issue of World At War, is one of them. I loved the puzzle of that game, loved how it showed the transformation of the Red Army, loved so much about it--well, it's now been superseded by this latest GMT effort. Sigh. Perhaps more germane to most social website members is that I may also shelve THE RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN and RUSSIA BESIEGED as well, and quite possibly RED STAR RISING. I'd long ago put away TSR/SPI's old BARBAROSSA (2nd Ed)--and I know that game has its fans--and AH'S RUSSIAN FRONT. That leaves only the big games--and I've already sold off my copy of WAR IN THE EAST (2nd Edition) and probably will never play FIRE IN THE EAST/SCORCHED EARTH again (I'll part with that when TOTAL WAR finally comes out). As far as big Russian Front games go, it's that Europa beast and the Compass Games remake of PROUD MONSTER which I saw being played at PrezCon. Yeah, I've got an old copy of TRIAL OF STRENGTH and someday I'll play that mini-monster. What remains? Columbia Games's EAST FRONT II. Nothing has surpassed that yet.

It will be hard to let go of THE RUSSIAN CAMPAIGN--deservedly a classic and L2's 4th Edition is beautiful. L2's RUSSIA BESIEGED is a nice alternative. I never got to play RED STAR RISING but did it's predecessor, WAR FOR THE MOTHERLAND (FGA) oh so long ago. But as much as I like the system, it's a bit bigger than your "typical" Russian Front game but not so big you could classify it as a "monstergame." It's kind of a mini-monster. I'm 50 now and while I'd love to play all these titles more and more, I just know I won't. STALIN'S WAR is going to scratch all kinds of itches for non-monster East Front gaming and it, along with EAST FRONT II, will be my staples for a while, I just know it. Still, it's going to be hard to put those other games away. Really tugs at me.
Prepping for PrezCon; a good number of oldies that I once loved to play are going to go up on the auction block. A good bit of old SPI games--both S&T issue games in the old flat white box and some of the "newer" plastic flat box games. Some of them are hard to let go--RENAISSANCE OF INFANTRY, CENTURION, and the old S&T issue edition of USN, for example. These still are awesome games even by today's standards, but there's so many other games on their subjects that I like a little bit better (or, in the case of USN, a new edition of that game) that they are merely taking up space out of nostalgia. Others are easier to part with, mostly because there are other games on the subject that have updated them--my old SPI flatbox version of AIR WAR (updated by J.D. Webster's SPEED OF HEAT by Clash of Arms and AIR SUPERIORITY and AIR STRIKE by GDW), BREAKOUT AND PURSUIT, AUSTERLITZ: THE BATTLE OF THREE EMPERORS, FRIGATE, and--yes--even RED SUN RISING (although what replaces it, TIDE AT SUNRISE by IGS/MMP, doesn't quite have the naval game this one does). Ah well.
I liked playing both Caesar's Legions and Caesar Battle of Alesia. Doubt I'll ever play them again but both in many ways encouraged wargaming as a life-long hobby.
The original Stalingrad from AH.  I personally numbered each hex on the gameboard, and had all the counters set in Nebelwerfer holders for PBM play.  It was my first WarGame and use to play all the time with a high school chum.  The play imbalance finally took its toll and I finally sold it at the local con, but I still remember those games fondly.

I can't imagine ever selling any of my games.  I've got room, and I like being able to show off my collection. :)


That said, I think it'll be a long while until I play Empires of the Middle Ages again.  I played several scenario games and even got through 35 hours of a campaign game, but the game just lacks.. something.  I'm sure it could be made better, but I won't have time for it until I retire, and retirement's a good 30 years away.


Everything else either is great and I'll play it again sometime, or it sucks and I won't play it again. 

I just don't have the time for large long games anymore. I like to get in and get out as it goes.

I would rather play a couple of 2 and 3 hour games then some long drawn out game. 


I do not like selling my games but I'm in the process of playing some of them a few times and If I do not think the family or friends will want to play it again of I do not like it ,,,,, it gets sold.

Thinning the heard. 

No no no - doesn't happen.

If I liked it, I still do.

Just pulled out Empires of the Middle Ages for it's first play in over a decade -

and I still love it.


I don't abandon dogs willingly either though.

Only ONE game I parted with (and I regret for doing so) - Down in Flames: Rise of the Luftwaffe.

For me.

 PanzerBlitz, Arabs and Israelis, Panzer Leader. I played PzBlitz while in college in the 70s. One of my friends, Doyle, would only play the Germans. I played him a few times, but my Russians usually got wiped out by the Wespes and Hummels. Doyle had a battery-powered dice rolling machine, picture a kinda "one-armed bandit", which he operated.  I could never get die rolls then I figured out that if he pulled the lever then released it quickly, the machine yielded low die rolls (he did this during his turn).  In my turn, he let the machine run for a few more seconds which usually gave me an ineffective die roll. We went back to rolling dice soon after.


Also said good bye to AH Longest Day (monster game), Europa series, and Lee's Terrible Swift Sword.

OK I have not freed myself of any games recently but I remember selling my original copy of Squad Leader in the early 80s to a school friend. Almost immediately I regretted the decision and ended up buying a new copy within a year.

Currently I have quite a few games that I do not play and have thought of getting rid of due to time, space, etc. When the moment of truth comes however I find myself thinking, "no not yet I still want to keep it for the future." I am thinking that my feelings are not unique. I hope to be able to free up some space in the future but I truly want the games to go to someone who will play them and appreciate them not just collect and try to resell.

SL was the tactical game to play, but before that was SPI's  Firefight and Search and Destroy. Went to ASL but the game is not about infantry tactic's but how well you can game the rules. Gamers TCS and Critcal Hits ATS are much better tactical game rule feel about them. You play the tactical side of the rules. Plus you play on actully terrain you can stink your teeth in. I have the whole ASL game system but it just sits on the shelf. I break out TCS games with operational plans I drew up before, shuffle them and go at it.

Sorry but most of the Command magazine games looked great at first but on second plays were old, but they were so promising in graphic's and styles. I kept Proud Monster and the Great War but hardly play them.

I always thought GRUNT! and SEARCH AND DESTROY were tremendous games in the their day.  TCS is, to my mind, the best tactical simulation; ATS and ASL generate good narratives/stories; certainly ATS has a lot of plusses over ASL.  


I need to part with my old Command PROUD MONSTER/DEATH AND DESTRUCTION and GREAT WAR IN EUROPE now that Compass Games has come out with an update/deluxe version of the former and GMT published the latter....

I've come to the grudging conclusion that I'm just never going to get back into tactical games. So after bringing my copy of Yaquinto's 88 with me through several moves (California to Chicago to Maryland to Virginia to Chicago), I put it on the market and out there for trade on BGG. Ironically enough, the thing I long speculated was overdue with friends, that somebody should get the rights to Panzer/Armor/88 and reprint what I felt was a much superior armor system to ASL (ducking), GMT's on top of that now, and more power to them. But my old 88 has still got to go.

I also sold my UP copy of SPI's old "Swords & Sorcery" recently: Another classic from the period, but I just didn't envision the opportunity arising where I could get it onto the table.


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