Any places out there that shows blueprints or how to build a dice tower?

I have seen some sell for as little as 19.95 and others as high as 69.99. But I think since this a hobby it would be cool to build my own. I have an initial design (look) in my head but I need to see a blueprint or something to figure out how to make one.

Anyone make one from scratch before?



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one of my buddies made one out of a box from Michaels. They have these cool little wood boxes with a snap type closure on the side. Joe laid the rectangle on it's small end then cut a hole in the top. He put baffles inside the box using hotglue and a piece of wood cut to a bevel so that it fit up against the inside of the box on alternate sides. At the bottom the box he cut another hole so that it came through the "top" of the box. He then fit a small four sided and ridged container so that the tower would fit inside it, be able to hold the tower and allow the dice to be contained. If you drop me an email I can forward Joe's email to you so you ask him directly. As long as you have basic tools, supplies and skills you should be able to make one. You could even do one out of acrylic if you have a TAP Plastics located near you.


Email coming soon.
Building dice towers is a hobby of mine. I used to build them for gifts for my wargaming kids. I keep building them. These are the ones I have left at the moment.

The difficult part of design is to get the shelf angles so the die doesn't bounce out of the bottom. These are all of different design. A couple of them store with the tower part in the base.

The poplar dice tower on the left and the two oak ones on the right were built using pre-ripped wood from Lowes and would require only a mitre saw and clamps to build.

The two darker towers are made from East Indian Rosewood. I had a blank of it I was going to use for a guitar back but used it for towers instead. I got the stained glass for the front from my wifes hobby stuff.

I started a drawing which I will probably finish with the next batch of towers.
Those are really cool. What if you don't have a miter saw, wood lathe or any fancy tools?
Cheap hand miter saws are not very expensive and are the only tool besides a clamp and sandpaper which is really required. Besides using a miter box, just something to keep the cuts straight across the board would work.

The only fancy tool I used was a router to angle the edges. The same could be done with sandpaper. When I get the drawing done and some instructions written, I will send them to you.
Thanks Paul Q! I have a dremel tool that I could use as needed and I do have a hand miter box and saw.

Thanks again.
Here is a drawing I threw together which should enable you to make one. The key is to keep the precut widths so everything fits together neatly. If you see something wrong or need further information let me know.

Very excellent! Thank you so much.

I think my wife and I will try to make one we'll let you know.

Well, there are various 'dice towers' on the internet...

But I found a readily available alternative and inexpensive. It sounds a little odd, but trust me it works.

You know those component pieces for 'hamster runs'? Well they are just plastic tubes that have raised portions, rings, on the inside. The raised 'rings' inside cause the die (dice) to bounce around in the tube before they hit bottom. I use this instead, it has a 'small footprint' and contains the 'rolled' die.



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