I was at Borders a few nights ago and I picked up 'Warhammer 40,000: The Killing Ground', 'The Art of Clint Langley: Dark Visions from the grim Worlds of Warhammer', 'The Army of Flanders and the Spanish Road: 1567-1659' by Geoffrey Parker, 'Forgotten Wars: The End of Britain's Asian Empire' by Christopher Bayly and Tim Harper and 'The grand Strategy of Philip II' by Geoffrey Parker.

I finished 'The Lover' by Marguerite Duras a few days back. I have just started on 'Battles of the Thirty Years War: From White Mountain to Nordlingen 1618-1635'. I am also in the midst of a few other books including 'God is not great: How religion poisons the world' by Christopher Hitchens.

What you are guys reading?

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Read: "Joan of Arc: A Military Leader" by Kelly Devries.  A look at the the "Why" did French soldiers follow a woman into battle and her abilities to win battles in a man's world of the Hundred Years War. She was a heroine to the French but considered possessed by the devil and a "whore" to the English.  Just OK.

"Tripwire" by Lee Child. A Jack Reacher Novel where Jack is in the Florida Keys. A PI, from NYC, comes a visiting in search of him and is murdered a few hours after meeting. Jack goes to NYC to find out why the PI was looking for him. He never expected the reasons to be so twisted or dangerous. Very Good and Recommended.

"Gone Tomorrow" by Lee Child. A Jack Reacher novel. Jack is on a subway at 2AM in NYC with 4 other passengers. A woman is acting very suspicious and attracts Jack's attention. She has a big secret that moves between D.C., California and Afghanistan. Jack just may be in over his head but again....Very Good and Recommended.

Read: The Norman Commanders: Masters of Warfare 911-1135" by Paul Hill. Covers major and junior leaders of the Normans in Normandy/England, Southern  Italy and  the Middle East first, then tactics, strategy, weapon types, and samples of battles. Very Good and Recommended.

"Erich von Manstein: Hitler's Master Strategist" by Benoit Lemay. Manstein was probably the greatest commander of any side in WWII but what was he as a man. This book gives a expose of not only Manstein's military exploits but his humanity. He served Hitler and the Nazi Party willingly as did the Wehrmacht and its soldiers. Manstein and the Wehrmacht were tied at the hip to the Nazis. They worked with the Nazis in their genocidal plans for Eastern Europe and were not innocent bystanders. Manstein was lucky at the end of the war. Based on this book, he should of been turned over to the Poles and/or Russians for Judgement. They would of hung him. I agree. Very Good and Recommended.

Read: "Stonewall Jackson: Portrait of a Soldier" by John Bowers. A great man and leader in the Confederate Revolutionary War of Independence. Could not put it down. Outstanding and Most Highly Recommended.


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