I was at Borders a few nights ago and I picked up 'Warhammer 40,000: The Killing Ground', 'The Art of Clint Langley: Dark Visions from the grim Worlds of Warhammer', 'The Army of Flanders and the Spanish Road: 1567-1659' by Geoffrey Parker, 'Forgotten Wars: The End of Britain's Asian Empire' by Christopher Bayly and Tim Harper and 'The grand Strategy of Philip II' by Geoffrey Parker.

I finished 'The Lover' by Marguerite Duras a few days back. I have just started on 'Battles of the Thirty Years War: From White Mountain to Nordlingen 1618-1635'. I am also in the midst of a few other books including 'God is not great: How religion poisons the world' by Christopher Hitchens.

What you are guys reading?

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Read: "Valhalla" by Robert J. Mrazek. A novel on a Viking ship discovered in Greenland, by accident, that leads to a world conspiracy to overthrow the existing order. Very Good and Recommended.

"Mad River" by John Sandford. A Virgil Flowers mystery novel. A Bonnie and Clyde threesome are running around Minnesota shooting people, seemly at random. Virgil thinks otherwise. Very Good and Recommended.

"Ostland" By David Thomas. Georg Heuser joins the famous Murder Squad in 1941 Berlin. In 1959 he is arrested as a nazi war criminal. If this is true, what brought him to this end. Just So-So.

"Proxima" by Stephen Baxter. A SF novel on Humanity's future colonization of the Galaxy. What if no one wants to go? Make them. Very Good and Recommended.

Read: "Preachers of Hate: Islam and the War on America" by Kenneth R. Timmerman. This is about the mohammadan conquest of America from within just like the nazis in Germany. Pretty Good but very dry reading.

"The Red Fort" by James Leasor. A history of the siege of Delhi in 1857. The Red fort was the residence of the Mughal mohammadan rulers of India. This is during the Indian Mutiny. Just OK.

"The Last Mughal: The Fall of a Dynasty, Delhi 1857" A much better book on this siege. Very Good and Recommended.

Read: "Masters of Command: Alexander, Hannibal, Caesar, and the Genius of Leadership" by Barry Strauss. The pros and cons on these famous leaders and how they compare to each other and what makes Great Leaders no matter what period of History. Very Good and Recommended.

"Weep for Africa: A Rhodesian Light Infantry Paratrooper's Farewell to Innocence" by Jeremy Hall. Part Memoir, part Bio, this is the author's life growing up in South Africa of English decent and his tour of Duty in the RLI during the Rhodesian War of the late 70's. The Boers' did not "like" South Africans of English decent. In fact, they hated them. While carrying out his service in the South African Army, this was made perfectly clear. He participated in raids into Zambia and Mozambique. One funny scene, where he and his troop where attacked by Baboons while on patrol. An Outstanding book, and Most Highly Recommended.

Read: "Vostok" by Steve Alten. A novel on East Antarctica where there is a Lake Vostok. It is liquid and buried under 13K feet of ice. A Marine biologist is hired to go down in a High-Tech Sub. There could be ancient life forms to study but something "else" is awaiting. Very Good and Recommended.

"Abandoned in Hell:The Fight For Vietnam's Firebase Kate" by William Albracht and Marvin J. Wolf. Albracht, the youngest Green Beret captain in Vietnam takes command of a hilltop outpost called Firebase Kate, held by 27 Americans and 156 Montagnards. The next day the NVA attacked with 3 regiments of 6K men. This is their story. One Helluva Story. A Must Read.

Read: "Life or Death" by Michael Robotham. A suspense/mystery novel. Audie gets out of jail tomorrow. He can't wait, so he breaks out of jail today. A roller-coaster of a tale. Outstanding and Most Highly Recommended.

"The Hanged Man's Song" by John Sandford. A Kidd novel. Kidd is a artist, computer hacker, and professional criminal. He and his sometimes partner, Luellen are hot on the trail of a missing cyberspace friend. He has info that could put Kidd in jail. Very Good and Recommended. 

"The Woods" by Harlen Coben. A mystery novel about 20 years ago, four teenagers went into the woods and never came out. Two bodies were found. Now one of the missing has turned up dead in the here and now. The other was a sister of the county attorney, Paul Copeland. Could this mean his sister is alive. Pretty Good and Recommended.

"The Flechas: Insurgent Hunting in Eastern Angola, 1965-1974" by John P. Cann. This is vol. 11 in the Africa@War Series. The Flechas(Arrows) were initially Bushman of Eastern Angola who were trained by the Portuguese to be Hunters of the commie guerrillas. They had a good reason for this, the Bantu peoples had over the centuries carried out a policy of Genocide and Slavery against the Bushmen. They were superb hunters and it is attributed to them of 60% kills against these commies. Outstanding and Highly Recommended.  

"Selous Scouts: Rhodesian Counter-Insurgency Specialists" by Peter Baxter. Vol. 4 of the Africa@War Series. The Selous Scouts were a elite trained mixed Race force, that took on the commie guerrillas invading Rhodesia, 1965-1980. This war was also a civil war. They drew inspiration from the Flechas fighting the commies in Angola, the Malayan War, and the Mau Mau killers of Kenya. Outstanding and Highly Recommended. This book and the one above could be used by GMT's Coin series for a game on the Southern African Counter-Insurgencies.

Read: "Children of the Revolution" by Peter Robinson. A mystery novel on Inspector Banks. A man is found dead, maybe suicide or murder. The clues lead back to the wild 60's and 70's, 40 years ago. Banks must sort fact from fiction. Very Good and Recommended.

"Night Prey" by John Sanford. A Lucas Davenport mystery/suspense novel. The killer was best at what he did. A chameleon, invisible....uncatchable. For how could you catch an invisible man. Lucas Davenport sets out to do just that. Very Good and Recommended. 

I have set myself a goal for the rest of 2015 to read the entire ten(!) volume series of Thomas Covenant novels by Stephen Donaldson. I last read the first six books sometime in the 80's....you gotta wonder how many times the lead character can die and come back...

I am finding them suprisingly good. Knocked off 'Lord Foul's Bane' in just over a week and now about a third of the way through 'The Illearth War'.There is a depth to the dilemma faced by Covenant and the writing that I missed first time around.

After many years my reading list has finally landed on the Sharpe series by Cornwell. The local library has a fan on staff, so it's well stocked. Looking forward to it.

Read: "Africa Lost: Rhodesia's COIN Killing Machine" by Dan Tharp. A excellent overview of Rhodesia's elite military units. The SAS, Selous Scouts, Special Branch(SB), Rhodesia Light Infantry Reg., and others. Highly Recommended.

"Bitter Harvest: Zimbabwe and the Aftermath of its Independence" by Ian Smith. This is a autobiography of Mr. Smith's growing up in Rhodesia, his election as Prime Minister, His people's Declaration of Independence from Britain,the war that Rhodesia lost and its sellout to the Communists. Very Good and Recommended.

"Three Sips of Gin: Dominating the Battlespace with Rhodesia's Selous Scouts" by Tim Bax. A autobio of the author's growing up in Africa, moving to Canada, back to Africa and his military service with the Elite Selous Scouts. He had more lives than a cat. He almost killed that racist Mugabe, but traitors sold him out. Very Good and Recommended. 

Read: "Star Road" by Matthew Costello and Rick Hautala. A SF novel 2 hundred years in the future. When Humans made it out to Pluto they discovered Alien ruins and a "Star Road" that links all points of the Galaxy and probably other Galaxies. It is like taking a train that runs you out to far and distant places in a short amount of time. A world government controls everything. There are rebels who think everyone should be able to ride this "Star Road". On a distant planet is a secret that will have profound effects on Humanity's future.  Very Good and Recommended.

"Bad Blood" by John Sanford. A novel on Virgil Flowers who is investigating 2 bodies in 2 days. One is murder, the other Suicide. This will lead Virgil into a Minnesota farming community and an almost unimaginable darkness.  Very Good and Recommended.

"Dark of the Moon" by John Sanford. Another Virgil Flowers novel. In a small Minnesota town people are being murdered in crazy ways. Virgil has to be careful, the next murder may be himself. Very Good and Recommended.

Star Road sounds like it should be fun to read.

In SF, I've just started "Crystal Rain" by Buckell.  It's a little odd and I have to figure out what's going on still.

In non-fiction, I'm reading "Alan Turing the Enigma"

"Star Roads" was very good read. Couldn't put it down. Not a spoiler, the Aliens are gone, where nobody knows. This is in the synopsis.

Just picked up some more Sanford books at the library. Great reads. Have the library looking for some more SF for me.


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