I was at Borders a few nights ago and I picked up 'Warhammer 40,000: The Killing Ground', 'The Art of Clint Langley: Dark Visions from the grim Worlds of Warhammer', 'The Army of Flanders and the Spanish Road: 1567-1659' by Geoffrey Parker, 'Forgotten Wars: The End of Britain's Asian Empire' by Christopher Bayly and Tim Harper and 'The grand Strategy of Philip II' by Geoffrey Parker.

I finished 'The Lover' by Marguerite Duras a few days back. I have just started on 'Battles of the Thirty Years War: From White Mountain to Nordlingen 1618-1635'. I am also in the midst of a few other books including 'God is not great: How religion poisons the world' by Christopher Hitchens.

What you are guys reading?

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Currently Now It Can Be Told by Phillip Gibbs.

Read: Islam at the Gates: How Christendom Defeated the Ottoman Turks" by Diane Moczar. A overview of the military campaigns by the muhammadan Ottomans to conquer Europe and how the Europeans stopped them. Very Good and Recommended.

"Mohammed's Koran: Why Muslims Kill for Islam" by Peter Mclaughlin and Tommy Robinson. A brilliant expose and Most Highly Recommended.

Read: " Slavery, Terrorism and Islam" by Peter Hammond. A fascinating read and thoroughly documented response to the anti-Christian propaganda by muhammadans, marxists, and Hollywood film makers. As Karl Marx said " The first battle is the re-writing of history". The book covers the 1400 years of islam up to now on muhammadan slavery and terrorism all over the world. Most highly recommended.

"Crossing Suez, 1973: A New Point of View" by Amiram Ezov. Covers all the problems with the crossing of the Suez Canal in 1973 only. This includes the different bridges with their problems, internal arguments within the Israeli High Command, fighting at the Chinese Farm, and the muhammadans' response. Very Good and Recommended.

"Byzantium and The Crusades" by Jonathan Harris. A history of Western contacts with Byzantium that grew into animosity that would end up being a "Clash of Civilizations'. It would bring about the fall of Constantinople to the 4th Crusade and the end of Byzantium's dominance in the Eastern Med. Very Good and Recommended.

Read:" Siege of Acre, 1189-1191:Saladin, Richard the Lionheart, and the Battle That Decided the Third Crusade" by John D. Hosler. The two year struggle where both sides had opportunities to win but did not follow through. The author shows Saladin as a mediocre to average commander while the various Christian leaders, until Richard arrived, were about the same. Richard was the best leader of any side but had the luck to arrive late to enjoy the victory that others had prepared for him.   Very Good and Recommended.

"Heroes & Villains: Inside the Minds of the Greatest Warriors in History" by Frank McLynn. In military history an elite group of men have attained legendary status as a result of  their courage, ambition, and military genius. This book is a psychological and cultural analysis of six men: Spartacus, Attila the Hun, Richard the Lioneart, Cortes, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and Napoleon. It probes their personal character flaws, and some were biggies, and how they overcame the problems, or not, to achieve greatness. I, myself, would of picked different individuals, but this is an excellent analysis of these six Generals/Leaders. Highly Recommended.

The British Are Coming and Sand and steel

Read: "Mortal Prey" by John Sanford. A Lucas Davenport novel. Lucas re-bonds with an old nemesis, a mob hit woman of great talent, Clara Rinker.. She almost killed him years ago but Lucas gets a second bite of the apple. She has been retired in Mexico but some old mob buds try to kill her. Bad move. She returns to America for vengeance, especially since her boyfriend was killed instead. The FBI wants Lucas's help. Very Good and Recommended.

"Naked Prey" by John Sanford. Another Lucas Davenport novel. Hanging naked from a tree in the woods are two bodies; a black man and a white woman. Not good. Is this a ole time "lynching"? Lucas is put on the trail by the governor of Minnesota to solve this "problem". The gov wants to be president some day. Looks can be deceiving, there is much more going on and worse to come. Very Good and Recommended. 

Read: "Hidden Prey" by John Sanford. A Lucas Davenport novel on a Russian getting murdered in Duluth, Min. with 50 year old bullets. It turns out he has big connections back in Russia. A woman Russian cop is sent to work with Lucas to see what is up. They turn up old history of Soviet spy's of past times. Very Good and Recommended.

"Road of Bones: The Siege of Kohima 1944-The Epic Story of the Last Great Stand of Empire" by Fergal Keane. The title pretty well tells it all. A small village in India near the Burmese border is besieged by a Japanese Division. The garrison is held by a tiny force of Brits and Indians of the British 14th Army. Outnumbered 10-1 they hold till relieved. The fighting is of the most savage in modern warfare.   Excellent and Highly Recommended. 

Just started “On to Berlin” by Gen Gavin. Starts off as a very good read.

Read: "The Crusades: The World's Debate" by Hilaire Belloc. Mr. Belloc has an interesting debate on the Western Counter-Crusades(Counter-Jihad). This book only covers from the First Crusade to the losing of Jerusalem in 1187AD. Everything after is of no importance.  The Crusaders should of taken Aleppo and Damascus. This would of militarily kept the muhammadans at bay. But because of their cultural mindset, lack of resources, and no senior military leaders the Crusades were a failure. Very Good and Recommended.

"The Roman Empire and the Silk Routes: The Ancient World Economy & and the Empires of Parthia, Central Asia, and Han China" by Raoul McLaughlin. The book covers the history of these regions in depth and how these trade relations occurred between Rome, Han China and all the lands in between. Very Good and Recommended.

Read: "The Fallen Architect" by Charles Belfoure. A mystery novel that starts in 1900 England. A architect is sent to prison for 5 years at hard labor because his "theater building" collapses, killing several people and injuring others. He sets out to clear himself. Very Good and Recommended.

"The New Girl" by Daniel Silva. A spy novel where Gabriel Allon, head of Israeli intelligence, is called in to solve the kidnapping of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia's daughter by unknown people. The crown prince is responsible for the murder of a Saudi reporter in Constantinople at the Saudi Embassy. The reporter was cut to pieces. If Allon succeeds, the Israeli's could have a Friend as the future king of Saudi Arabia. Very Good and Recommended.

Read: "The Anomaly" by Michael Rutger. A mystery novel about a lost cave in the Grand Canyon since 1909. A rogue archaeologist sets out with his team to find it. He finds much more than he bargain for. Not all secrets are meant to be found. Very Good and Recommended.

Read: "Black Mountain: An Isaiah Coleridge Novel" by Laird Barron. Isaiah is a ex-hitman from the Mob who now is a PI. Does the usual but then a Mob Capo calls on his help in a double murder of 2 low level Wise Guys. He cannot refuse. This case will lead him down a path that pits him against a terrifying-and otherworldly-new enemy. Very Good and Recommended.

"The Mongol Conquests in World History" by Timothy May. The author believes the Mongol Empire is the beginning of the modern world. The Mongols destroyed empires, kingdoms, and replaced them with their own that was the largest contiguous empire in history. The Mongols caused changes, directly or indirectly, across the Eurasian land mass such as the Black Plague, new forms of warfare, religion, movements of people fleeing from their control that changed the demographics of lands(Ottomans). Very Good and Recommended.

"Neon Prey" by John Sandford. The latest Lucas Davenport Novel. Lucas and his team come to arrest a killer who has jumped bail but falls into a cesspool of bodies behind his house. The hunt is on, From New Orleans to LA and Las Vegas. Along the way more criminals are flushed out of the woodwork. Very Good and Recommended.


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