What are the games that you own, but aren't on your game table now, but which you want to play? Are you held back from playing them by limitations of time, space, lack of players, or just not enough opportunity in general?

As a follow-up, are there games that you've owned for years, but you've never gotten around to even punching the counters, let alone setting them up?

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Wacht Am Rhein
Devils Cauldron
Downtown : Air war over hanoi
Of these, I'd recommend playing the starter scenarios of DEVIL'S CAULDRON or DOWNTOWN first. Both are easy to get into, although the former is perhaps easier than the latter.
For the People
Paths of Glory
They Shall Not Pass
Oh, Ive played a bunch of both of them including the CG of TDC, but no WAM as of yet

Im actually going to play Lee's Nightfighter next :)
I just got Red God of War its getting punched and started tonight.
We don't have space for my answer ;-)

However, I just got Twilight Struggle for Christmas, so that's a priority - once the two games OTT get completed (Fortress Europa and Kingmaker). I have a third game OTT at work as well. Lots of games set up, but slow progress.
Seems like all my life I've had a closet full of games and nobody to play them with.

But I guess it's because I'm fussy: I only like playing games with family and close friends. When I was a kid, I'd play with the family. In my teens, a friend and I got into wargaming together. Since my college years (a long time ago), there have been only a few occasions when I've managed to get friends or family together for a game. I've tried playing games online, but that doesn't suit me either. I should've had kids so I'd have someone to play games with. :-)

This year I bought several board games with my wife in mind. We've played one of them so far, and she likes it. She likes games pretty well, and we've played a number of them in our twenty-odd years of marriage. But she much prefers light, fast games.

So, when I'm in the mood for a wargame, I play solitaire. And I'm not sure what I really like anymore. I gave up on ASL back in 1995 or so, but nothing since then has really wowed me. In 1999 I sold all my wargaming stuff, since I was sure I'd never use any of it again. Since, then, I've been making tentative efforts to rekindle the old wargaming fire.

Currently I'm cautiously enthused about Victory Point Games. Rules-wise, they're intro-level games, but there's enough to them to hold my interest. I keep buying expansions for Ancient Battles Deluxe; I just ordered Paul Koenig's D-Day: The American Beaches (I have his other one already); and I've played Waterloo 20 and am thinking of trying more games in that series.

Also tried a Lock 'n Load demo recently. At first, it seemed just a little more complex than I cared for (guess I'm still recovering from ASL overload all those years ago), but now that game keeps calling me back. May have to give it another shot.

A Panzer Grenadier demo is waiting its turn also. Had it set up last night, but I changed my mind and set up a VPG game instead. Partly I'm afraid I might like the PG system and start buying all those games. But WWII has never been my favorite period. And even though I was duly excited over PanzerBlitz when it was new, I can't say it was ever my favorite wargame.

Anyhow, being a solitaire wargamer, I'll probably be happiest steering clear of games with LOS and opportunity fire.



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