Thought I'd start this thread for gamers to register ideas for new game titles, systems, treatments, etc. I have a few that I'd like to see someday. Consider this a "super feedback" discussion site, where you get to pick the titles and descriptions instead of merely rating those in somebody's magazine!

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TAIWAN STRIKE! I was a huge fan of Mark Herman's GULF STRIKE! and AEGEAN STRIKE!, published by Victory Games back in the 1980s. I got the 1988 Tanker War supplement and DESERT SHIELD module for the former as well. It's about time we saw this system get a face lift and a new application to a potential PRC intervention on Formosa Island.

Sure, there are other games that address this conflict, but they are all magazine games (with the limitations that entails) and are very dated. I envision a game that is rich with potential strategic scenarios, based on the causes for the war and decisions regarding PRC strategic deception, preparedness, and resulting degrees of surprise. I'd also like to see the logistical problems for both sides well represented (one of the strong suits of the system), particularly regarding strategic implications of PRC efforts to deny or neutralize U.S. basing options in the Western Pacific once the war appears imminent or begins. The system will need to grow a little to handle all the possibilities for PRC asymmetrical approaches from the strategic through the operational art to the tactical level. Information Operations (a la Miranda designs), Science and Technology surpises/random events, and a great deal of political/economic random event interaction would be a plus. There should be provisions for a three player game (PRC, Taiwan separtists, and the U.S.) just to make life interesting, especially when it puts the ROC player at odds with the US player.

I'd imagine a physical package that is a bit bigger than AEGEAN STRIKE! but smaller than the full monty GULF STRIKE! A cost maybe of $80-100 retail. Anybody want to pile on regarding such a topic and treatment?
I'd like to see a return to the glory days of Sci Fi games...There were some really good ones back in the day..Time for some new ones...
I totally agree with you. Both STRIKE games were absolutely great games! In fact I always wondered why the system was not used for NATO vs WP in Germany for example. Taiwan would be a good game too.
Omaha Beach. The American soldiers prepared for the invasion in units called boat teams. Each landing craft was filled with men that had all the necessary skills to cover all the bases; demolition, machine gun, medic and infantry. A new game is in the design phase that is company level I believe. There is a forum on CSW for the game. Anyway, I did call the designer and told him my thoughts. Omaha Beach at boat team level. If the Boat teams have only one step of strength then you could have the reverse side be a landing craft or better yet, a wrecked landing craft which would be used to block the beaches as they are destroyed. I did a little research and have found it hard to find real good maps showing each mortar, artillery and bunkers. The best is by a Frenchman, Georges Bernage, but the coverage is spotty in some places of the book. Anybody have a better reference on the defensive construction on Omaha?
GOA, 1961 Retaking the discussion begun in the VV folder...
Despite the unbalanced situation, regarding the Portuguese vs Indian forces, I think this could be challenging: could the Portuguese player delay the Indian advance to Old Goa in time to a cease-fire to be achieved? Or,
could the Indian player do better than his real "alter ego" and take Goa in less than 3 days (!) without to many losses (Thanks Bill!)?

And what if the 12,000 men that the Goa garrison reached some months before were still there? Or, a commmander more prone to obey the "fight to death" orders from Lisbon than g. Vassalo e Silva was in place?

Just some thoughts...
I would like to see a Lock'n Load module covering the Dien Bien Phu battle. Also another LnL module with scenarios from wars like Indochina, Congo and Algeria.
Kim, Indochina should be covered in the 2nd edition of Forgotten Heroes, and Mark designed 2 Indochina scenarios for Vae Victis (the french mag) (you can download them on the LnL site, and play them on the vassal mod wich includes the counters). David Julien is working (sometime...) on an Africa module. For Algeria, If you have some ideas, you should talk to Mark about it and work on it :)
Yes, I have the two VV-scenarios, but I want a whole game! :-) In what way is it covered in the 2nd edition of Forgotten heroes?

Would you be interested in making a grand LnL game which covers the whole of Dien Bien Phu? Critical hit has promised to make one for their Advanced Tobruk system, but that was several years ago and nothing happens. Why not design one for LnL?
FH 2nd Edition does come with two new scenarios for those that pre-order...that's the only way to get them. The scenarios will use the forces that ship in the game, i.e. 'Mericans or ARVN. Unfortunately, no French.

No plans for DBP module.
My Cold War game and scenario wishes (Eric stole my thunder on Taiwan) -
PRC versus Taiwan with JSDF intervention
US versus USSR in the Artic
USSR/Cuba invation of US - admit it - we all want to see this one (Red Dawn)
OK don't laugh - but US versus USSR on the Moon - the Space Race and Cold War become one
You know what this needs - an update to the World At War system! I do dig the mortars....
Don't forget Yaquinto's Marine: 2002.


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