I thought I would quickly mention that videos and music are two modules that can be added to this site. I don't see a fit for music, unless we were going to limit it to military style music. However, I'm curious to see if folks think we are ready to see anyone here actually begin posting videos to this space. I can pull the trigger on that at any time, but I am assuming for now we don't really have a lot of folks going the YouTube route yet. Am I correct?

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Just another reminder for those joining our network. When possible, please submit an external URL for videos or music/mp3 files. This way, it is more forgiving on our bandwidth costs when piping these feeds. I'm not concerned about photos as much, as they are much smaller in size -- but videos especially can be quite large, so a general rule of thumb I like to encourage is that if it's posted on YouTube or someone else already, please take advantage of the upload option in which you can specify the URL location of the file rather than simply upload it to this service.

Thanks for your cooperation! If you don't have this option, then upload away!
Well, I'll limit my music uploads to four files...some of these may be of interest...I like the WW I tunes--or the tunes that hearken back to that war. Plus other "Music To Wargame By." If I find music on the web I can link to, I'll be sure to link to those instead of uploading.
That seems like the best route. There's enough on YouTube and other sources that there should be little need to actually host it on ConsimWorld, except for those who make their own media. Plus, it makes life easier for you, in case there's an issue about copyright and intellectual property.
Heya - just like ths song :-)

I'm working to get my videos hosted elsewhere, it should happen this week. Then I'll shift to lnks like You Tube has. So if you want to gt one of my videos downloaded, now's the time.
Awesome, Tom. That will help keep monthly bandwidth costs down...I appreciate the gesture, but if you run into snags, just keep uploading directly here and we'll manage the cost by begging for continued member support.
Tech question,

I've got a music file in *.ogg format. Is there a way I can convert it to mp3 so I can upload it here?
Haven't tried it (don't run Windows) but this might work:
Music discussions have always been a huge part of Line of Departure's forum on the ConsimWorld Forum. I was hoping to link to videos on my page here too, especially for rock music with historical or military themes. You won't see a lot of American Idol winners, but there's definitely an interest in bands like Iced Earth, Jag Panzer and Amon Amarth among my readers. It'd be fun to have the option of including it.
I have always been a game "kibbitzer" (sp.). Some video highlights of gamers at conventions would be of interest to me. Sometimes game co. booths provide "previews" of upcoming games. It would be highly interesting for me.
On YouTube there are many videos of "Mehter" Turkish Janissary band - the mother of military music !

Deeply impressive too: a heavy metal +pipe organ remix: Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Crowley:
(I cannot count how many fast TripleA games I've lost due to errors while listening to it ;-)).

ManOWar - The Crown and the Ring
Why just military style music? How about originals? Check my page for some.
Mine too; you won't find a march on there, but there's a lot of rock and roll, some of which has some connection to war and history. There's a lot more though that has nothing to do with either.


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