Getting Started with the CSW social networking platform

Please post any initial questions (or suggestions) you have here as you become acquainted with this CSW social network platform.

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Just to let you all know, if you decide to replace your personal photo, the change won't take effect immediately...but you should be all set. It may take a minute or two for the system to refresh, and you can reload your page and empty the cache to see the new photo display properly.
If this gets too involved, it could supplant CSW :-0
Lewis, I hope our members find this to be a nice extension of our Forum services. Also, the blog entries we post here won't be like the official publisher news stories we provide on our Front Page. I really want to focus and drive community aspects here; that's what social networking is all about!
This all looks very interesting, but I'm not quite sure what this adds to the lower tech "blog" areas in CSW. What are your plans for the two, John?
I would like to see members consider moving their blog presence over here in due time, but I understand this will take some time before it takes hold. Otherwise, as you mention, the current blog folder is certainly "low tech" and a lot of people are accustomed to it; as I suspect will be the case here as time passes. This interface is more dynamic in allowing one to connect with "friends", see other activity, form groups, etc. -- and it provides threaded conversation which some said they'd like to see offered. I also hope to see folks create groups to promote gaming in their geographic area; much like the clubs folder. Folks have been asking for a directory of gamers in their area, and this can be easily done from here as well. Otherwise, no grand plans at this time other than allowing folks to try out this new platform.
Is there anyway to customize our "blog" pages here on the social side? I've found the settings for our profiles (My Page), but don't see anything for the blogs.
I think new features are always welcome and improve an already great wargaming site that is CSW. It's still my favorite place to go when discussing The Hobby, although some good other websites are out there now. But none of them offers the same experience as I have here and to personalize it a bit more and to focus on the community aspect is a good thing imho. Let's make a great thing even better :-)
What the heck John. You weren't busy enough already, right? heh.
Yeah, go figure. The nice thing about this service is it really is self-running to a large degree; what comes out of this depends on what we as a group put into it, so everyone is a lead contributor.
I personally don't like the threaded blogs' and thus one of the reasons I like the 'low tech' blogs on CSW. Just my two cents.

I had an interesting thought while at a miniatrues centric, but also boardgaming, convention last weekend. Do we have much of a dedicated miniatures presence on CSW? Am I must hanging out in the boardgaming forums so I miss the miniatures piece, LIke Flames of War, or should we be reaching out to include them in CSW.
Tom, we are in sore need of a "Miniatures Evangelist" for CSW. Since I don't have the background, I'm simply not the right person for it, and it takes some legwork to reach out to the right miniatures publishers and key influencers in that gaming space. I think the historical miniatures tie-in is a good fit for CSW -- but I honestly don't even know what big community sites may already be servicing this group of gamers. And to answer your question -- we only have a single topic for miniatures. We don't have a folder because we don't draw enough activity to the Forum to create separate topics on all the miniatures systems and eras out there -- we need to develop a bigger audience first. Anyway, that's the scoop on that.
John, there is one rather popular site called simply The Miniatures Page ( I just popped in over there, and they have a bunch of services for miniatures gamers, including a very active set of message boards.

On an unrelated note, I noticed that the 'delete' key doesn't work in the text box in which I am typing. You have to get ahead of the text to be deleted and backspace over it.


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