Getting Started with the CSW social networking platform

Please post any initial questions (or suggestions) you have here as you become acquainted with this CSW social network platform.

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The only thing I find really annoying is the lack of copy/paste ability for descriptions when uploading things!
I alaways have to delete and copy comments cause of my many typos and because I cant edit a comment
Yup, that seems to be the way things are set up here. Would be nice to have editing rights, but I suppose they figure if one allows editing, and one changes a message from a few days ago, no one is going to go back and read that message to note the changes. I think that's why they force new messages to be written. The 15 minute alert that you can edit a post is nice, but one can't edit comments at all. I delete and re-do them I've learned it's best to try and get it right the first time ;-)
hm well , editing outside
what about Polls ?
Started a Poll ad gamesquad ASL Forum about hexdraw Maps as screensavers
Seams you get similar questions than me John :-)
I'll review this feature of the site, but iirc, there are two basic options: Public, which means everyone sees it because it is posted to the front page, or Private, meaning only those you invite to your page/blog can view it. I think the options end there...but hey, don't let that stop you from posting in the future!
I notice that Facebook has a place where one can post links (within groups). May I suggest an interface where people here can share links by posting them? Do refer to Facebook as I may not have described it well.
I tried to upload pictures but got an error message saying I had to be member to upload pictures. Am I not a member? I have a page. (?)
Yep, cookies enabled.
How do you report a spamer? Some one calling her self Jannet Herbert sent me and at least 15 others invites to view her web cam.
If I encounter any spam I contact John on his personal page here and tell him about it.
John K,

Any estimate on when the regular forum will be back up?

Don M.
Fingers crossed here, Don, but I'm hoping the software developers will be able to help us get the forum back online by Monday evening. We have all the necessary dbase back-ups we need, etc. -- so my concern is with the software itself at this point which seems strange given we've never encountered a problem this serious in the many years we've been using the software. Like I said, fingers and toes crossed, but I'm investing whatever has to be done support-wise and professional services-wise to make sure a fix is found.

Sorry again for the forum outage.


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