Years ago I stopped playing ASL for several reasons; one that broke the camel's back was when a couple of idiots showed up in SS tunics!! I now play everything solitaire. I did not hesitate to preorder B-29! Anyone else here into strictly solitaire? I even incorporated ASL Retro and modified it somewhat to include impulse and initiative like ATS does. My old gamers would cringe, but what the heck, I purchased these games and I can play them as I see fit!

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I have played a couple of Mark Walker's games such as Forgotten Heroes and Band of Heroes solo. They played very well solo and I really enjoyed them.
It's too bad that you feel you have to limit your gaming to solitaire only. I have a great group that plays twice a week and I game with miniatures once a month. We don't have the same problem you did of people wearing uniforms. Was this a reenactment group or just a couple of guys wearing inappropriate costumes to a meeting or convention?
I agree that you can do as you wish with your own games. I don't do solitaire games unless the subject interests me, and B-29 has my interest.
Mike, no, these guys were a couple of skin heads! Had Swastika, SS tatoos etc. It was their first time out. Our group was mostly made up of Vietnam vets, including myself, so we really got on their case. Couple of my buddies were hardcore ex-Marines.
Too bad these jerks had to ruin your gaming experience. I would suggest limiting your group to who you "vet" but allowing newbies in. You might want to try non-solitaire gaming again. It all depends upon the area and the players, or hit conventions. If you are located in Northern CA I can either make some suggestions or find some group for you...
Just drop me a direct email at mikeobriensac at (all one word and use the @ for at)
Thank you, Mike. It is very kind of you to offer, but with my second career after retiring and traveling with my wife, I can only play part of a scenario as it is! I will keep you as a friend and when I retire from my second career, I will certainly take you up on the offer.
I play exclusively solitaire, too. I think it's simply because I am not a very friendly person, nor am I competitive. I play to watch the historical situation unfold and to solve the little puzzles that arise. While I get along well enough with people in my workplace, even there a good day is when I have interesting work to do and not a word spoken to anyone the whole time.
Dav, glad that I am not the only person! PBEM wouldn't work for me either. I tend to get impatient waiting for my opponent to make a move. Think you hit it on the nose when you wrote relating simulations to puzzles. I may take out ASL, select a scenario, play a couple of turns and take out one of my ATS games and do the same. Like Ray Tapio says, ATS is meant to be played "hard and fast". I play all my games that way and if I screw up a rule, oh well, it's my game and my money!
Playing hard an fast... My main problem playing solitaire is that I get paralyzed by rules questions. In a two-player game there is always an opponent that can point out when I do something I'm not allowed to do (and if not, well bad things happen, and it will probably even out; I don't worry too much). In a solitaire game I have to keep an eye on myself, and by cheating I will make the game too easy (or too hard) and ruin the fun. At least that is the case with the games designed to be played solitaire, where you have one side that is "yours" and are trying to beat enemies controlled by the game. I have two solitaire games in my collection that I have set up a few times (at least twice each) but every time got stuck on some important rules and stored the games away again because I knew that if I played and won I would not know if I won because I was so good (out-smarted the game system; yay!), or because I cheated.
Dav and other guys really feeling better solo:
Please check my AspieGrognards group here ;-)
Or better, Sherlock Holmes' brother Mycroft's "The Diogenes Club" - should we found one here ?

* Other points:
A faster to play Ambush! is Steel Panthers (and its sequels) on the PC ;-)
_Tigers in the Mist_ and the impulse wargames (Breakout: Normandy, Turning Point: Stalingrad) etc. are good to solo to.
I also like PBEM with Cyberboard quite much... an opponent really stimulates competitive thinking.
Too bad about the SS types- I have little patience for these types. That said, unfortunately most of the games I play these days are solitaire. There's one guy I play face-to-face occassionally but getting schedules to synch up is difficult (that and having three horses to tend to).

Wherever possible, I try to randomize enemy courses of action so as to introduce some uncertainty. However, some games lend themselves better to solitaire than others. I'd like to PBEM but I had nothing but problems with the one program that everyone uses (I forget the name off-hand) and there's no documentation so that's a non-starter.

Compared to even the 1990s, it seems that the supply of people interested in serious wargames has dried up- kind of feels like "I am Legend".
it depends on where you are located. Here in Sacramento CA we have a lot of regular groups that meet up. If you want to play Euro games there are at least two groups. If you want to play wargames, then we have a group that meets up every weekend.

As far as pbem, I suggest you either try Jeremy or check into either this site or BGG to find opponents. I'm sure you can find someone to play against. Just google it.
I'd like to to PBEM but I'm not really that jazzed up about Cyberboard- there seems to be no documentation as to how it works and it's user unfriendly. Maybe it's just me.

As for live gaming, unfortuantely I live in Southern California so things are a bit out of range and what gamers I've come accross down here seem mostly pre-occupied with Euro games which hold no interest for me.


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