It seems that in the last few years wargame companies have come out with a lot of smaller wargames. Small maps, low counter density, easily transportable, shorter play times. I sure wish one of the companies would make a small game covering the entire ETO that could be playable in a single evening.

I was thinking there would be Army/ Army group units, air fleets, and sea fleets. You might be able to abstract the sea stuff out. The map could maybe be 22 x 17 or so. This way you could take it on a trip with you without carrying a large box. I think the market for a game like this would be great. Any body else think a game like that would be a good thing? I know there was a game several years back called The Big One but it is out of print and hard to find.

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Decision also did a game called WW2 in a Special study issue on the ETO. I have taht game The Big One. I was a subscriber to Game Fix/Competitive Edge magazine. Not too bad of a little game.

I'll have to talk to Alan Emrich about VPG doing a game on this subject.
Dan, I may be wrong here as I haven't researched specific titles, but I don't know of too many games in that small a footprint that aim to cover an entire strategic campaign. That would be an incredible designer challenge, although some may argue that strategic level is the most generalized swath one can take and thus it should translate well to a game design. I think given the emergence of CDG, perhaps cards could help breath some added punch to a small they don't take up much room or really add a lot to playing time, but they can introduce a lot of historical flavor to a small game.

btw, I would reference 2WW fitting the description of the type of game you are proposing, but I don't believe that game was very well received although Bill Banks, the designer, is a great guy and had a hit with Ancients and King of Kings.
So you want the old World War II game from SPI then? I think that meets all the criteria.
John, Trust me I realize that a small WW2 game could be a design problem but I still think it could be done if a game company gets enough people asking for it. I'm not to big on CDG games but would buy it any way if it met the criteria. I know Avalanche Press made two games on the Rusian Campaign that are quick to play and small footprint games. Also, I think if the designer stated this is going to be a game that is abstracted a lot for a quick playing time, etc you would get gamers who would understand this and want to play.

Jack, I actually thought of the old SPI game World War II. I don't have that game so I am unsure what the playing time is like, I do know that the map is not as large as a regular size poster map though. I might try to pick it up to see what it is like.
I think Jack is correct back then SPI produced WWII, WWIII and Global War. I still have WWIII and Global War in fact I just got MOVES # 16 and it has some extra rules and errata for WWII. Next time we meet I'll bring it. I think one can pick up WWII for about 15-35 on ebay.

On the other hand VPG doing one would be great. I think back then (Jack can confirm) WWII had 200 counters and one map (was it 400 counters? I think GW has 800 or is it 400 I got it packed away somewhere). WWIII is pretty straight forward and playable so since it came after WWII I would image that WWII is also playable.

Jack the old SPI World War One was not part of this linage correct?
400 counters, 22x28 map, 3.5 hours playing time (says the box flap) from WW II. Global War is kind of a dog(I think it was 800 counters), as was WW III, but WW II is not bad for a fast game on the ETO. That said, I wouldn't mind seeing Victory Point take a crack at it.

World War One was not in the same mold at all (but is a very good game on the subject). It was an S&T game and one of the best magazine games.
I talked to Alan Emirch of VPG about the game -The Big One . He thought maybe the rights may have reverted back to Bill Banks but wasn't sure. I think he was going to ask Jon Compton about it. If it did go back to Bill he's been sort of Hard to Find! Alan and Mike Nagel wanted to discuss the new Ancients Deluxe game( which Bill had left many notes on for a future design) with him but can't locate Bill.

Anyone know where Bill Banks is?
I think it would be great if some of the smaller ETO games could be remade. The Big One or 2WW could be fun if done right. Plus, there are times when I don't have time to set up TSR's ETO or 3R4 or A3R but I do have a few hours to kill. If I had a small game that covered the entire ETO I could scratch the itch without having to waste hours setting up a game and then not having any time to play.

I was trying to think how a game like this could be done. I figured land units could be rated for strength only as opposed to attack and defense. Certain units, like Russian Armies could be considered mechanized on one side of the counter but non-mech on the other, simulating the loss of tanks when they take a step loss. German Armor units would be armor on both sides since they seemed to be able to continue offensive operations even when very low on AFV's. American and British units could be considered mech always due to their greater mobility. Air units could be in Air Armies rated for either strategic warfare or CAS/interdiction, while fighters are for defense of other air units or the countries economy.

Not sure how all of it would work together but it sounds cool.

It sounds exactly like SPI's WWII. I think that is your best bet.
Just what I was thinking Don! Sounds a lot like SPI's World War II.
Hitler's War, designed by Keith Gross, released in a small box by Metagaming and later given a redo and larger format release by Avalon Hill. Quite a few counters but very few of them (maybe 20 or 30) are on the map at any one time. Army/army group counters on the map are holding boxes for numbers of infantry, mech, and tactical air points recorded offboard.
I have thought of Hitler's War as an option. However, I have noticed a couple of games in development that may fit the bill. One is by Schutze Games, called War on Hitler and the other is called The Supreme Commander. They both appear to be low counter density, one map games that cover the whole ETO theater. This would be exactly what I am looking for.

I do keep my eye out for some of the above mentioned titles but with the way the economy is gaming unfortunately is low on the priority list of things to buy. If I could just get rid of my kids and sell the animals........


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