Most of us starting gaming in our teenage years, maybe a little before. Here's a question about that time.

How did you parents feel about wargaming? Did they encourage you, discourage you, or were they neutral toward it?

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My dad tried to get into wargames.  He bought Sinai in the 70s (ardent Israel-o-phile), but they were just too complicated for him.  Risk was about all he could handle.


My brothers were big into wargames in the late 70s/early 80s, and they got me into the hobby. 


I do not believe my parents had any opinion whatsoever on my wargaming.  It was just something I did.  And do.  Often. :)

Bought seven S&T mags at a tailgate sale.

Hooked for life.

My parents didn't mind at first, but then they grew to hate what they turned me into.

My parent thought it was a complete waste of time. We played at a club every Thursday and one Saturday a month. Eventually we started to create monster games and then formed a publishing company, Marshal Enterprises. I think that games teach you a lot of skills that can be used in other activities. My planning expertise goes back to reviewing and playing wargames that had objectives, trying to find how to achieve them. I also learned a lot about management from multiplayer games. I have been a senior manager for a fortune 500 company and an operations vice president. These days I own and run my own company.

I don't play that much anymore because I moved away from my friends who really enjoyed playing and designing.

How coincidental.  I just pulled out 1st Ed La Bataille de la Moskowa this afternoon!


I have a little HTML file of the rules I put together a few years ago that you may get a kick out of...

Thanks. I have been studying the new, new rules and they take some getting used to. Larry was a very good friend of mine and as a group, we developed and played a lot of monster games. I always liked the interaction of multi-player games.

Maybe you don't know this but the first versions of Moscova started out as a variant of Torgau by GDW. We just modified and modified to make it fit the Napoleonic battlefield and a tight game.We were all really into the philosophy, music and art of the Revolution. Our rules and format reflect that.

We worked with Larry but didn't want to invest in his company ( We were all broke). Later when Larry decided to stop, he gave me his mailing list and other business information so we could continue. Marshal Enterprises was going strong until I moved from SoCal to Detroit. The best thing was to sell to C of A as we were all going in different directions.

From the 80's there is a Dresen 1813 and a Leipzig  1813 game.The Leipzig board was so big, it was played in different rooms with messages passed between the different "fronts". You never got to see what was happening in another area. It took 5 or 6 on a side.

All of the counters were hand painted and when we published, Monte Mattson figured out how to do the art work. Most games had one color counters at that time. Remember no computers. Attending the convention in June will be a chance to see all the gaming again. I play a few computer games but haven't done anything else in a long time.

I've been meaning to get involved in a larger way since the '70's, but I figure, "hey, I'm not dead yet" ;-)

Honestly, so far I have only played one La Bataille game (d'Auerstadt), but I stand in awe of the - literally - sub-hobby within wargaming that you and your associates created.

Thanks so much!

We just a lot of guys with time on their hands and said why not? We tried a lot of big games some worked, some didn't. There was a dedicated following for the La Bataille series. We would print 2500 and have them sold before the printing.

Do you have any idea where I could get a copy or pdf of the Moscowa rules by GDW?

I don't.  Sorry :-(
I have a PDF of this if you need one..... I think I got it from bbg.
didn't care, didn't understand it, never asked me about it.

In grade six (around 1984 - or was it 85) I got a copy of MB Shogun, Axis and Allies and Fortress America and also Stratego for Christmas.  I was hooked.

I then graduated to Dungeons and Dragons.  My parents were a bit concerned about that at first but they watched my first game for about 4 minutes shrugged their shoulders and let us be.  There were a lot worse things we could be doing.

In my first year of college I picked up a copy of GDW's A House Divided.  That was my first true foray into a wargame.  And honestly.. what a fantastic game to cut your teeth on.


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