Hi there,
I just joined the network and albeit I haven't (yet) had time to browse all posts, I'd like to ask for assistance to the members. Let me introduce my "dilemma":

I haven't played any wargames for nearly 20 years... and I miss it!. However, one of the things that has (probably) kept me from playing again is that I never seem to have enough "space" to properly set up a boardgame for a long, long game. I live in a flat and, honestly, I couldn't spare a table for a week or more to play a full campaign on any respectable wargame.

I remembered those Avalon Hill type of games I used to play (FlatTop...) and I wanted to see what's available in the market nowadays. So, I decided to look up some computer games. I was expecting to find all the ol' games packed in tiny CDs -or so I thought!. But I haven't been able to find any hex-based computer wargame similar to the "classics" but with the modern twist (that is: decent graphics!).

I've tried games such as Civilization (and similar) but I *do* miss the hexagons and the die-cut pieces of cardboard!!!.

Could anyone point me to a decent computer-based strategy wargame resembling the classic hex-games?. My only requirement is that graphics are, at least, 800x600!!! -which means that they should have probably been published post 2004 or so.


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Have you tried Schwerpunkt Games?
Matrix/SSg Battle In series; Battles in Italy, Kharkov.

also, by the same bunch, and quite similar, Battlefront. The Market Garden scenario is very nice.
Also, the new Computer War in Europe.


Would you tell us a little more about these games. Just spent about a half hour going through their product line and it is very intriguing. How do they play? Are they difficult to learn? Replayabilty? Is the AI good? Anything you can add would be great.

At $50 a pop I want to know if these games are worth it. It looks like it could be very dangerous for me :)

All the Best,
Talonsoft's soon to be redone by Matrix Bombing the Reich was the best PC game...
Biggest problem with all the hex based wargames I have seen is opacity of the rules. You don't get to see the combat results table and though the computer is often stupid it also cheats. That said "The Operational Art Of war" ex Talonsoft Now Matirx Games was the thing that got me to buy a computer for more than word possessing. If you ignore all the nonsensical anomalies occurring under the hood it's a great game. Looks and feels like old board games. Though developed mostly to do WWII and Modern operational level as far as being coherent it seems to work best for WWI scenarios.
I second Smitty's reply. Check out the Computer War in Euorpe at http://decisiongames.com/wwii/europe/europe.htm.
woooow guys... thanks to all for all your suggestions!. That was quick!.
I will indeed have a look at all them and see if I can find what I am looking for.

@Steve: indeed 'decent' is a very subjective term... but those of you that have played 'ye ol hex-boardgames' -despite all their shortfalls- will understand my frustration when most of today's so-called strategy games seem to be 'point-and-shoot' and in real-time. Where's the strategy there?, how can you stop to think about any strategy when the damn computer keeps sending you waves of 'bad guys' shooting at you :)

btw, Computer War in Europe looks quite promising... thanks Chris

Also, just if anyone is interested, I found this: https://www.hexwar.com/, not sure if you already knew it. It's an online hex-game community to play against each other.
A computer war game that matches a table top wargame has been my holy grail for 20+ years. To be blunt, they don't exist. Your best bet is to use Vassal to play your tabletop games over the net. The biggest problem with computer wargames (when compaired to table top wargames), is opacity of rules (like someone stated), poor game design, limited subject matter, over emphasis of real time play, over emphasis of realism at the cost of gameplay, and expecially poor AI.

That being said, there are a few decent computer wargames out there. I like all of HPS's stuff. They are operational in level, and fairly involved. Probably my favorite computer wargame series is the SSG battle series, although some of it is hard to find I believe. I never cared for the Operational Art of war series. I've played computer War in Europe (the old version). It is quite good, but required an opponent - at least the old version did. I played the old version of Bombing of the Reich, and found it enjoyable.

Again, I suggest Vassal, which allows live play and PBEM. I think it is superior to anything out there. With live play you can use Skype or Teamspeak to talk to your opponent. It can be difficult to crack the ice with online wargaming. You might try to purchase a tabletop game you are interested in, and play it solitaire with Vassal, so you are familiar with the system. Once you are comfotable, find an opponent. If you need any help getting things running, drop me a line.
There are a couple of game sources out there.

Hexwar.com, a monthly fee for service site has dozens of old SPI games and about 150 players. Cost is around $15 a month.
War in Europe, the SPI monster game is available from Decision Games for around $60 plus shipping. I hve that one and would be happy to play you via email.
Matrix Games has some hex based games, check their website.
Civil War Generals 2 by Sierra Games is decent hex game, has dozens of Civil War battles, and the AI is not too lame, at least the Union AI, since the Union never really had good generals. You can't program a mind like Lee, so the Southern AI is no good

My buddy Matt Severn is looking for a CWIR opponent.



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