Hi there,
I just joined the network and albeit I haven't (yet) had time to browse all posts, I'd like to ask for assistance to the members. Let me introduce my "dilemma":

I haven't played any wargames for nearly 20 years... and I miss it!. However, one of the things that has (probably) kept me from playing again is that I never seem to have enough "space" to properly set up a boardgame for a long, long game. I live in a flat and, honestly, I couldn't spare a table for a week or more to play a full campaign on any respectable wargame.

I remembered those Avalon Hill type of games I used to play (FlatTop...) and I wanted to see what's available in the market nowadays. So, I decided to look up some computer games. I was expecting to find all the ol' games packed in tiny CDs -or so I thought!. But I haven't been able to find any hex-based computer wargame similar to the "classics" but with the modern twist (that is: decent graphics!).

I've tried games such as Civilization (and similar) but I *do* miss the hexagons and the die-cut pieces of cardboard!!!.

Could anyone point me to a decent computer-based strategy wargame resembling the classic hex-games?. My only requirement is that graphics are, at least, 800x600!!! -which means that they should have probably been published post 2004 or so.


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I loved the early SSI computer games of the late 1980's. the closest thing to the SPI quad games i have found.
Hello there.
You might be interested in looking at my Windows PC version of Hitlers War (Metagaming/Avalon hill).
It has hotseat and Network play but no AI player.


Oh and it's free.
Wow - and fascinating to boot!
Highly recommend: Steel Panthers WW2 aka. WinSPWW2

It's a battalion level WW2 wargame. Hex based. Individual tanks/vehicles, and infantry are mostly handled as sections/squads.

Play against the AI or human opponents via email.

For a 2D game the graphics are excellent. But check out the screen shots for yourself:


You can download it and play for free, but the graphics only go to 800x600, if you want the better graphics (1600x1200 IIRC) and a few other features then you can buy the 'CD' version.

There's also a forum here:


hopes this helps.
As I have not seen anyone post on this particular game, I will mention this: the Combat Mission series [aka "CMx1" for the first iteration series]:


This link to the Battlefront.com site specifically goes to Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin [CMBB]; also I enjoy Afrika Korps [CMAK].

While these are not 'hex based', they are tactical WWII games, TURN-BASED. These games are quite old, by computer game standards, yet still *very* fun to play. What they mostly lack to our typical 'instant gratification' society [beside the fact that they are not 'real-time' games], is the hi-res graphics. However, if you play one of them, I truly think you will enjoy it, especially if you like the tactical level.

I tend to play via email [95%] or occasionally via TCP/IP. Also, as a big proponent to fog of war [FOW] in games, I turn 'Detailed hits' to off, along with setting the FOW to 'extreme' every game.

Give it a look!
Seems nobody mentioned the HPS games so far, certainly worth to check out:

SSG's line of hex-based games published by Matrix Games are very good and meet your requirements. They have three main games that would meet your criteria-Battles in Normandy, Battles in Italy, and Kharkov: Disaster on the Donets. Of those I would recommend Battles in Normandy first-it is the most straightforward, the programmed AI is quality, and the user interface is wonderful. The game very much has transparent systems-a consistent CRT (combat resolution table) for scenarios with proper DRMs (dice roll modifiers), an easy to understand supply system, and clear graphics and icons.

It also has some great beginner scenarios like Omaha Beach and the Cotentin Peninsula scenario, right up through later scenarios later in the D-Day campaign as well as a fantastic Battle of the Bulge scenario. There are also numerous additional scenarios available to play.

Another great game is Advanced Tactics: WW2. While the AI is a bit weaker here than in SSG's games, the user interface and mechanics are even better designed, and the random map and tech tree in the free play mode allows you to basically graft a weird mix of Civilization and Operational Art of War together. It has a huge number of free user-made scenarios from all historical periods and has a very strong PBEM community.

If you don't mind jumping into the computer genre headfirst, the new version of War in the Pacific will be released later this week in all likelyhood.It has a high learning curve but very helpful community and is one of those games that will keep you playing it for years on end.
HPS games produce some good stuff.

I've played Talonsoft's Campaign series for PC over several years and have found it enjoyable. The movement is hex-based but there are no zones of control. It is turn based, has FOW, and other optional rules (such as command and control distance and armor facing modifiers). It comes with scenarios and two types of campaigns. There are more scenarios at the Wargamer archives,I believe. The graphics and sound are good and can be toggled between counters and a "realistic" picture of the unit.Watching a plane dive bomb a tank company is wonderful. The units are platoon strength and can be played in orgs from battalion to corps level. It is 3 games in one: West Front Gold,East Front 2, and Rising Sun. There are a limited no. of turns to achieve a VP victory. The downside for me was that the AI can be predictable in the campaigns.
I am playing HPS North German Plain 85. I was also able to download Fulda Gap 85 free of charge so i'm playing the whole central front. The AI is ferocious ,and is always trying to encircle NATO units. Fulda is holding out well as units of 2nd Brigade 3rd Armoured approach. Hamburg is a lost cause, and the British 22nd armoured Brigade and 3rd Panzer Brigade escape to the Weser by the skin of their teeth. The British 4th armoured div. arrives at the Weser to find 2 Soviet air assault divisions have taken Hameln. 2 Panzer grenadier division is hanging on grimly to Kassel but there is no sign of the Belgians who are yet to activate. The Dutch are on their way. Air power plays a major part aswell. Great game. Patience needed.
Where did you get Fulda Gap 85 for free?
If you buy NGP 85 you can download it from HPS website, Updates/Patches, Modern Campaigns. It becomes an extra scenario although you cannot play Fulda Gap on its own.


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