Hi there,
I just joined the network and albeit I haven't (yet) had time to browse all posts, I'd like to ask for assistance to the members. Let me introduce my "dilemma":

I haven't played any wargames for nearly 20 years... and I miss it!. However, one of the things that has (probably) kept me from playing again is that I never seem to have enough "space" to properly set up a boardgame for a long, long game. I live in a flat and, honestly, I couldn't spare a table for a week or more to play a full campaign on any respectable wargame.

I remembered those Avalon Hill type of games I used to play (FlatTop...) and I wanted to see what's available in the market nowadays. So, I decided to look up some computer games. I was expecting to find all the ol' games packed in tiny CDs -or so I thought!. But I haven't been able to find any hex-based computer wargame similar to the "classics" but with the modern twist (that is: decent graphics!).

I've tried games such as Civilization (and similar) but I *do* miss the hexagons and the die-cut pieces of cardboard!!!.

Could anyone point me to a decent computer-based strategy wargame resembling the classic hex-games?. My only requirement is that graphics are, at least, 800x600!!! -which means that they should have probably been published post 2004 or so.


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Cool! Thanks Stephen.
Try Panzer General, which is free to download from Abandonia of home of the underdogs. You will need to use Dosbox to run it tho. Excellent hex based, turn based strategy war game.
Any other help or questions to email me
You could also go to my little strategy site http://strategy.110mb.com/ where I keep a few hex based strategy games available for download. It is a small site kept for my own amusement and for the benefit of those looking for good strat games.
The games on there are:
Panzer General
Allied General
Pacific General
Fantasy General
The Third Reich
Absolute best for me is The Operational Art of War. I just love the system and the best part is you can create scenarios if you cannot find one you like.
Just an update, I have had to start a new website with the same games, as for some reason I cannot log in to edit the old site. The site itself still works, and you can still browse around and download, i just cant add any more to it....lol.
this is the new site
and it is coming along quite nicely.
If any of you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know.

And to add to Jim Bragg, Operational art of war is good, well worth playing, luckily i have a free copy of it.
Well there is a web site that offers Hex game computer games and encompass most of the best company out there. It might help to have an overall point of view from one website:


Good Hunting!
You may know this already but Schwerpunkt's , the title, is a computor game about the entire Russian campaige of WW2. It does use hexes but I hope you have a large screen.
You'v got OPERATION BARBAROSSA published by Matrix. It is inspired by Panzer General. It is a turn based, Hex based, simple, attractive and challenging enough for a beginner. I think it is a good start. I have the game, played it and liked it. Kool introduction to the genre.
Check it out on Matrix website:
Enjoy the process!
Thanks to all for your answers so far!.
So what did you purchase then?
Worries about graphics mean missing the system. The old SSI Battles of Napoleon (with extra scenarios around) better than what has come since. Files can be e-mailed as well. As far as it goes, the Gettysburg & other Civil war as good as anything as well.


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