This probably isn't the place but what can a body do. I've been trying to find out what scenarios use one or two maps in Case Blue. I've done many different searches, but the info I get is that CB is "Great" or as one guy put it "OCS SUX."

Well I have a copy of OCS 4.0 and I don't agree with the last comment. I own EATG and there is a provision for a two map Uranus and a fine selection of what I consider good one and two map treatments.

Now having the mass of terrain CB covers would seem to lend itselfd to many posibilities. But all I have come acoss are people talking about four mappers. Now the plain fact is that four maps will not fit on the dinning room table. Three maps long end to long (the long fat rectangle) end will work but four maps require wacking off 3 inches of a map edge. I mutilate map sheets all the time in such situations. because there is no help for it. The dining room is just too small for the 4X8 table. And I bocked off the front door in the living room for the 3X4 table. Both rooms are really to small for thier function.

Now I don't know how long the forum will be down. So if someone could volunteer a little information, I would appreciate it.

It's not like I can call Homer, IL and ask anymore.

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Check out

You can look at the scenarios and more...
I've been all over that MMP site and I completely missed this page.
All the scenarios with Case Blue or EATG maps are playable out of the box (Unless I am much mistaken, give this a bit to get countermanded). The GBII maps are needed for some of the scenarios, and these are not included.
Found it. Thanks.
1. SCENERIO 6.2 Kharkov 1942: The Russian Failed Offensive
Case Blue Scenario Book 1, Page 3
12 May 42 -29 May (6 Turns)

2. SCENERIO 6.1 Edge of the World: Germans attack for Oil
Case Blue Scenario Book 1, Page 1
8 Aug 42 – 29 Oct 42 (25 Turns)
Case Blue Map K

I also mention: 3. SCENERIO 7.14 The Back Hand Blow
Case Blue Scenario Book 2, Page 37
29 Jan 43 – 29 May 43 (36 Turns)
EATG Maps All-A,C,B,D
Both times I played this scenerio, by the end of turn 10, the next 26 turns were fought on two maps. Set aside two days to knock out the first 10 turns and then you can store the games with just 2 maps. Enjoy



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