Hi all,

since this has been a very dry group, let's start with some basics.

Which CONs in Germany have you been to ? Where do those take place ? How did you like it ? Is it a CON which takes place on a regular basis ?

I am also planing to organize a CON in the middle of Bavaria (Ingolstadt).

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since this has been a very dry group

What did you expect? It's a German group...
Sorry, my expactations...
Well, German Wargamers are a bit different, don't you think? ;-)
Not compared to the ones i've met overseas. Wargamers of all nations fit into the same counter tray. :)
It seems to me that they are much more lazy about actually doing things - as we can see in this group :P
Yeah ! So why don't you start telling us about your experience with CONs in Germany. I've visited some smaller ones, but none especially about wargaming. What about you ?
Gerald, I haven't visited any con in Germany so far, wargaming or otherwise. A few years back when the Homefront Wargame Center was still the Homefront Wargame Club we had around 12 members and Denny (my gf) and I started to plan a HFC con in Mainz where one of our members owned a restaurant which was the ideal place for such an event. It ended up with 4 members playing ASL - Denny, me and this friend with the restaurant and one of the other members. Over a year or so the other members didn't do much and were only interested to be entertained by us or so it seemed, so we changed the club into a wargaming online service. No con since then...and the impression that Germany is different to the US when it comes to The Hobby...
Well, that is some kind of ... bad experience. But what makes things worse, is the experience, that there seems to be no CONs in Germany - at least no one from this group - except you - responded :(

Time to change this :)
I was one of the four attendants of the HFC Con in Mainz - and, unfortunately, I must second Andreas' opinion and experiences.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the event, although we had planned for a somewhat larger scale. You can check out our photo gallery on the HFC website with some impressions of the one and only open HFC Con at http://www.homefrontcenter.de (just click on "Galerie" - "Manövertage in Mainz"). In the gallery, you can also find an extensive report about this event (in German).

Besides our private game meetings with friends (which sometimes last several days), I have never been to a major convention in Germany (such as Hexacon or the annual ASL Grenadier Tournament) - mainly due to unfavorable timing of these events which always collide with our personal schedule or the locations were too far away for a short trip or we didn't get leave from work.

So - no convention experiences to share over here (besides attending a Star Wars convention once many years ago, but I'm afraid this would be severly off topic) ;)
Believe it or not, there was around a 10 year slump here in Los Angeles for participation in events. That ended IMO when two things happened.

1) A guy from New York didn't accept that there were no fun wargaming clubs worth joining and started a new one by networking the infrequent or unlikely places that gamers of all kinds still frequented. This gathered more and more interested people, a website http://www.socalgamers.info/ , and likeminded smaller clubs to link gamers together. Events naturally have a multi game atmosphere but in that setting you find and expose people to your favorites. You find also that playing a hard nosed wargame in the morning works well with a multiplayer beer and pretzels game in the evening.

2) Consimworld Expo.....Now here is the Nirvana of wargame conventions. Last year several jumped the lake to attend this one including 2 German and a few British Isle players.
Look at their history here on the forum and the decievingly small number of attendees to see the success story.

IMO a very even mix of gamers is the best garden to grow a club, then after that a convention. There are plenty more examples here in the US.

cool pictures from that "Manövertage". As i see, these are from 2005 or so. But that's the style we love it too. I don't play ASL regularly, but i got infected with ASLSK#1 at CSW Expo 2008.

CSW Expo is a real must. I've been there in 2008 - also met some fellow europeans. I will meet one of the Brits in Austria around Christmas. Wargamers on Ski !!!

I won't be able to attend in 2009, but i put it on my 2010 to-do list. One decade of excellent monster-wargaming. I can't believe that week went on this fast. Best organized event ever !!!


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