Games You Sold or Gave Away and Now Wish You Hadn't

Since Brett Avants brought this up, I thought I'd make a discussion group out of it.  What games have you sold or given away in the past that you now regret parting with?  I don't have many, but I do have a couple:

SPI's old WW 3 game.  Let's face it, it wasn't very good--basically an adaptation of the WW II game system to a global map and a modern topic.  Maybe it would have worked if the map was as big as the one for GLOBAL WAR.  It wasn't.  But there was a certain Cold War charm to the title (if anything relating to that topic can be said to have charm) and the coversheet to the flat box was just sooo cooool.  I don't miss this title all that much, but since I've kept the old NATO game and the old RED STAR/WHITE STAR, I feel I'm missing something now.

AH's RICHTHOFEN'S WAR, with the maneuver cards variant from THE GENERAL.  If I'm in the mood to play a World War I air game, it's usually Yaquinto's WINGS.  But this game is great to get new players into wargaming (that marvelous map! those RED Flying Circus counters!).  I'd forgotten that when I parted with this title.  Ah well.

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Games sold or given away and wish I hadn't?? Well, my list would be too long to post here, mainly because before I moved to Germany in late 1988, most of my games were sold. I think my mom sold them at a garage sale, but she says that I sold them. (She is probably right, of course, but I can neither confirm nor deny that I ever had a garage sale at that time, Mr. Senator...). All of my S&T's, Wargamers, old SPI and AH classics... Ahhh, I miss those days. Last year I discovered my old ASL stuff, which I kept, SPI's CityFight, Next War, and the Victory in the West series that I had kept in a box. The flame was rekindled.

Recently, though, I traded my original SPI Next War, and a week later, wished I hadn't. Fortunately, I was able to get a better copy back. Now I long to get that one on the table again.

In 1987, annoyed that I could NOT find gamers to play SPI games with me, I sold or traded away many of my SPI games that I did not think I'd play again.

So many - though I have spent much of the last bunch of years recovering them. But there are a few that elude me.

1. First and foremost, without a doubt, WAR IN EUROPE. Yeah, I did. Really. Unbelievable, I know, but I did let it go.

2. My boxed second edition HIGHWAY TO THE REICH. I finally replaced it with a cheap double flat pack 1st, and pulled together the missing counters and rules via Crazy Egor's. But I miss my clean boxed version - (especially since it had all my notes in it. )

I don't really know that I miss my copies of Wacht En Rheim, or Campaign for North Africa. Neither REALLY punched my ticket. I think about them, and wonder, but I think it is wishful thinking if I feel any want toward those. I really don't think I'd play them again.

I know I REALLY did NOT like Mech War 2, but I have felt I must have missed something since Eric likes it so much. (I was really looking for an upgrade to Mech War 77, and Mech War 2 was a WHOLE different level of 'game.' Really, I don't know if 'game' applied to Mech War 2. In my disappointment, I let it go....And I suspect I shouldn't have.)

Though, since I got a lot of cash, and all of ASL up through Yanks, including , and then got installment payments of everything before COB, I cannot complain. I took them thinking I could sell them, too. But one play and it was off to the races!
Russ, I let go of my old double flatpack WAR IN EUROPE. Scenarios were great, campaign game was terrible. I have not looked back. Of course, I've got the DG edition, so I can still sleep nights because of it. Yup, just parted with the old girl this past February at PrezCon. Got $200 bucks for my punched and slightly stained copy. Oh, I think I made out like a big dog given that the DG edition isn't that much more....

Also let go of my double flat pack HIGHWAY TO THE REICH, 2nd Edition. Same story--great scenarios, terrible campaign game. Once again, I got the DG edition. Counters are not as pretty and the map is almost as nice as the original. But then there's DEVIL'S CAULDRON by MMP, so I'm not going to miss this old SPI game. Do love the system though. So great.

WACHT AM RHEIN never did it for and I tried really hard to like it. Too many complaints to list here. Oh, yes, I've got the DG redesign but it looks both gorgeous and very heavyweight. Maybe I'll play it when I retire!

CAMPAIGN FOR NORTH AFRICA? Had two of them and let them go at the PrezCon auction. Who needs them when there's DAK 2? That game is FAR more playable. If there was ever a computerized version of CNA with an operations analysis toolset to let you "run the numbers" on logistical supportability of proposed operations, I could be tempted to play it....

Oh, MECH WAR 2 is very much a matter of taste. I could understand why people wouldn't like it, especially if you are a die-in-the-wool MECH WAR '77 player. GDW's ASSAULT was my favorite modern system, but this SPI game was still pretty darned good.
Eric the list is too long and too painful to recant here. I've been fortunate that ebarf exists so that I have been able to replace a bunch of them, but alas, many more that i'll probably never have again...Stupidity on my part due to age and infatuation with women....sigh
Up Front - wish I had it back. Seapower - a set of miniatures rules for naval battles I played nonstop from about 1969 to 1978. A friend just sort of requisitioned it.
Ditto Up Front for me. I bought a copy back in the early 90s and it just sat in my cupboard. I would work up enough bravado to have a go at reading the rule book, but quickly ran outa steam. Guess I needed someone to show me the ropes. I traded it before I realised how much potential would have been in store if I had persevered. Well, to make up for it in some way, today I play Combat Commander.
Well I still have it and it received a lots of plays...we'll have to put it on the playlist.


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