If we want to find a new home, away from our old home, we need to start some discussion and traffic don't we? The main difference betwween BGG and here seems to be less numbers, less discussion and less verbiage. I'm proposing to generate some with this: What makes CSW better than BGG? - discuss.

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Right on brother! We need to make this space work if we are all gonna be here. Generating content, improving the interface when the admins have the time etc.

is there an easy way to add people as friends i.e. u etc.

There must be, as I have done it as recently as last week but I can't for the life of me remember how to do it! ridiculous isn't it? but I do think this is a small example of a non intuitive interface as well as my fading memory ability. (let's just say a bit of both...)

Eureka! Actually Kev, I have found it again. Click on someones userbadge and you will be taken to their page. On the left right near the top is "add as friend. Phew, memory working again.

I have been exploring the different Groups that are available here and I think that will be a good place to invest some time while on CSW Social. Find a group whose subject interests you and get in on the conversation. I recently joined the GBACW group and I am liking it. Must find some more now...

I see that as essentially the same situation as exists over at CSW's main fora.

If I desired that level of segmentation, I'd just move to that richer environment - there are more posts/members there.

You have a good point Enrico. I have only hung around one "theme" Forum thread over there (CDGs) and it was a ghost town. Since I noticed that there was some recent activity of a couple of the Groups here that I am interested in I thought I would give them a whirl.

Oh, that is not true. I have a subscription to the M&P thread. More active than CDGs, but not enough to keep my interest.

I am interested in both general pilather discussions and more segmented/focused ones. I cannot seem to find a more general discussion here in CSW Social though. It seems that all discussions derive from a subject thread. Unless you try that MS Messenger-like Main Room, but those comments are kind of fleeting.

I think I want a place where my friends can come together with some regularity and just yap about whatever. That might be the best use of this Social thing and leave the focus to the Forums.

I dunno....

What I like is the idea of coming together, chatting about game-focused stuff mostly,

with a lot of bouncing around, but a bit of chit-chat and history mixed in I guess.

I want to try and make that work here, but the forum design is much better for it than the

social-site one.

I like that idea in principle. One thing I do not like about the Social format is that I think you can reply to a comment pages and pages ago and that comment remains there. So current content is intermixed with old stuff. I can see some benefits to that, but it makes it difficult to follow. At least for me.

OK, so some kind of general yammering place is desired. Any ideas on how to create that here or on the Forums? And how do we get folks turned on and tuned in? Beats me. Almost sounds like a Guild on BGG. With one thread.

Oh yeah? I have not dropped BGG from my plate to date. They would have to get far more heinous for me to take that step.

In all honesty, as much as I think the splitting of the wargamer threads in three parts is a pain in the ass, it also appears to have had minimal impact on the number of General posts in the main Subforum window. We still dominate that by far. Assuming that was the admins' intent, it really has not worked.

in terms of people who read anything i blabber about or any bs loud music videos I make - Facebook is now my # 2 audience. with 40+%. BGG is still about 50%, although I have not posted an aar over there for awhile just some happy snaps.

Do you mean the discussions disappear? They shouldn't. Want to make sure I understand whether this is a technical issue or not that I can look into.


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