WW2 Global ConflictWW2 Global Conflict

You are invited.

This new game concept depicts the global war ( 1939-> ) using existing board games on the topic and melding them into a large, multi-player effort for those who own at least one of the many games on the topic.

Play will be handled by email and Vassal for those who wish that form. Email is the method for communication with me and among players outside of specific game play.

The requirement, aside from game ownership, is to submit to control of higher authority during play and regarding simultaneous events during the play of other gamers using related games.
I am gamemaster/moderator, originally assigning commands and attempting to control the whole in a realistic manner.  

Where we have multiple players with the same games, I will assign them command of forces within the game. The first player joining with a game will be the potential overall Theater Commander, with others joining later as his lieutenants.  We also need both sides but may use house rules for bot management of a game without an enemy player. I prefer two+ player games, but will accept most solo play. Solitaire tactical games will be handled at my end differently than Operational ones.

When players drop out, it may be necessary to use a bot system to complete action until a new player can be assigned.

I will be using SPI World War II European Theatre of Operations and Advanced Pacific Theatre of OPs (Decision Games), along with lots of Vassal modules to monitor the game.  That is, I will monitor game results using the maps from the mentioned games.  

The war has already started, in Europe, with Poland defeated. Game date start is September 15, 1939 with France, United Kingdom, and the Commonwealth at war with Germany. Our game turns at Strategic Level will advance 1 month twice each real month, on the 10th and 25th day. Our game will begin on August 10th, 2020, hopefully with enough players, or on August 25th, 2020.

There is no fee to play, and you can join if you own one of the many WW2 board games that exist.  Likely your games have a different time per turn, which won't matter. Your game play is not altered, meaning you just play your game(s) normally.

The 10th and 25th of each month are reporting dates. This is to allow for the various real-world demands we all face. You send me details of your game status at the time, including any Victory Points you have won since previous report date. Both sides report.

For game play by you and opponents, I suggest a fairly immediate response to email - to acknowledge - and an advice if you will be delayed in doing your side play. Let each other know what is going on. Always indicate the game date in your comms, so opponents can keep track, also on my reports - the name of your game.

To me, I expect email of results, rather than move-by-move information. I cannot track such volume of detail. Cities captured, amphibous landing success, airdrop successes, major ships sunk, and similar major events in your games should be included in your reports. Your emails to me, regarding game events, should be once ~ 2 week period - those being 10th and 25th of every real month.  
Naturally, setting up a player duo to start play will take a number of emails - but my email volume will be the measure of my ability to do my task. My sanity too.  I will be sending out, in news format, major events so all can feel they are part of something big.

If you wish to join in, send an email to me at: ww2globalconflict@gmail.com

Our Web Site:   http://ww2globalconflict.webs.com

Let me know which game(s) you own to play and which side you want. You can play only on one side. Obviously, it is best with players on both sides, but solitaire play is possible.


Mike Raymond


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Here is the Web Site for the game:


Here is the Player Manual for this game. File Download as pdf



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