March! 2012! What are you playing this month:

On my list this month:

finish my abortive SPII_Redux campaign upto T9 of 16.

Finish SPII via PbeM with Nathan (on second thoughts we wont get this done in March)

Finish GBoH Caesar in Gaul scenario in the Pompey v Caesar series -where we look at generalship of the 2 legends. This battle is half done - Bibracte 58 B.C.

Make my self finish Into the Bastards or Better know as WWI death by d6. Fuuuuuuuughfhgh.

I just played No Retreat tonight - 5 turn Barbarossa game....hmmm. More on that later.

Setting up Vimero - NBS.

Get 1-3 games of LNL in. 2 x Vietnam 1 x Heroes of the Gap

Finish Day 1 of Leros...ugh. Who's idea was it to play this F$%%^&ing series. Love the result HATE the die rolls.

Somehow play Ukraine '44 ( maybe I'll boot that dogs breakfast Into The Bastards)?

Setup Burma?.... well maybe. Must....Read.... Rules.

Play a Victory Lost with Mark/Play Solo

We play Side by Side Stalingrad Pocket II on the 23rd in our 3rd Side by Side game - 4 guys 2 copies of the same game.

I'd provide video of that but the last session got a bit serious and there was some real cussing and abuse thrown about. Not sure its family friendly.

What are you playing in March!!!!


More Counters Less Blocks!


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I just Played Into The Bastards...... not on the list but I thought I would give ti a whirl.

Setting up AVL.

trying to walk thru NBS Montebello. Not going well so far.

Goals for March:

  • No Retreat! - finally finish my weekly VASSAL session with my dad (we're in 1945 and my Germans are hanging on for dear life)
  • Twilight Struggle - I have two games going via ACTS.  I'm the US in one and USSR in the other.  Both games are around the same stage (early Turn 2) and I'm having to work hard to remember which side I'm playing in which game (I really should maintain a log)
  • For the People - Mark Acres and I just rebooted our game.  I'm the boys in blue and hope I don't embarrass myself too much
  • The Dark Valley - I just got added to the playtesting team, so I'm hoping to get some major time on this.  I should have a game starting early this next week (have to wait for an updated VASSAL module).  I'm also going to spend a lot of time soloing this one
  • Warriors of God - This has been sitting at the top of my "To play" list for awhile, so I'm going to set the goal to give this a solo play this month

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll have any face to face time this month, but I think these games will keep me busy/satisfied.

played No Retreat last week.

Pretty good.

I still prefer TRC. But I like the game nevertheless.

Finished SPII Redux (2nd play). Playing a session by email also.

Interestingly we have a Side by Side session of SPII coming up end of March. 4 guys - 2 copies of the game. Should be a big weekend.

Looking at playing AVL/ then Ukraine '44 just to keep the East Front theme going. Especially since we can see the same units, and cities from SPII in AVL to a certain degree!

Played Sniper! briefly today. Nice trip down memory lane.

Placed Here Come the Rebels FtF earlier in the month. I'm planning to try Worthington's "Forged in Fire" later this month. Also on vassal...Baltic Gap, Battle Above the Clouds, and Empire of the Sun (somewhat inactive now). 

I thought they spelled that 'eyespick'

Still at it with AE

Yeah. I still find the rules a bitch though.

Lots of stuff that's hard to remember. Rulebook formatting makes it tough for me to

remember where 'x' rule is (purely a graphical issue). No index. Still, there's some 

player aids that help with a few things.

I think it's a game you either study or never become competent in. :(

Jim, lets make that something from Der Weltkreig a definite!

I'm off to the game shop.

Time to find a FtF opponent. Something simple - maybe CC:Nappy and I'll take No Retreat with me, since I owe it to Carl to give it another whirl.

Oh!!!! no. I know I'll take Sekigahara. bound to find a wargamer wannabe Euro dude I can bring to the dark side!

You have to be a pretty gullible Eurogamer to not see through your Sekigahara ploy!  

We can do it after Sicily or we can start a PBEM and go live after Sicily. What ever works out.

I am reading the rules to Space Empires 4x today and will have it on the table tonight or tomorrow.  I am late to the party on this one as usual... I thought I had pre-ordered this one, but the other night I had the space itch... and couldn't find it... it had apparently slipped past my vast preorder radar net.  Looks interesting and will be playing it solo.

Also have an ongoing of PoG with Lawrence Hung on Vassal live, I hope to end his misery tonight before the end of the 7th turn.


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