March! 2012! What are you playing this month:

On my list this month:

finish my abortive SPII_Redux campaign upto T9 of 16.

Finish SPII via PbeM with Nathan (on second thoughts we wont get this done in March)

Finish GBoH Caesar in Gaul scenario in the Pompey v Caesar series -where we look at generalship of the 2 legends. This battle is half done - Bibracte 58 B.C.

Make my self finish Into the Bastards or Better know as WWI death by d6. Fuuuuuuuughfhgh.

I just played No Retreat tonight - 5 turn Barbarossa game....hmmm. More on that later.

Setting up Vimero - NBS.

Get 1-3 games of LNL in. 2 x Vietnam 1 x Heroes of the Gap

Finish Day 1 of Leros...ugh. Who's idea was it to play this F$%%^&ing series. Love the result HATE the die rolls.

Somehow play Ukraine '44 ( maybe I'll boot that dogs breakfast Into The Bastards)?

Setup Burma?.... well maybe. Must....Read.... Rules.

Play a Victory Lost with Mark/Play Solo

We play Side by Side Stalingrad Pocket II on the 23rd in our 3rd Side by Side game - 4 guys 2 copies of the same game.

I'd provide video of that but the last session got a bit serious and there was some real cussing and abuse thrown about. Not sure its family friendly.

What are you playing in March!!!!


More Counters Less Blocks!


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I am reading the rules to Space Empires 4x today and will have it on the table tonight or tomorrow.  I am late to the party on this one as usual... I thought I had pre-ordered this one, but the other night I had the space itch... and couldn't find it... it had apparently slipped past my vast preorder radar net.  Looks interesting and will be playing it solo.

Also have an ongoing of PoG with Lawrence Hung on Vassal live, I hope to end his misery tonight before the end of the 7th turn.

Watch out.... Jim is a Seki Shark.

Don't worry. I have played it 5 times now and I still do not know what I am doing.

It is a game that, for me, defies post-game analysis. I really like it though, in part because I cannot figure it out.

ouch. what turn are we in ?

Just fired off a game of Plot to Assassinate Hitler with the wife.

We quit early - she didn't enjoy it much at all, and I wasn't as pleased with it opposed as solo (too much thinking) 

Perhaps for different reasons.

It's too geometric a game for me. Probably didn't come through in the 

review, because I was just learning it, but feels even more so than

Afrika Korps does - to the point of not feeling much like a plot at all.

"I wish I have more space at home, to be able to left game somewhere for a nigh and play couple of days"

Ouch. Lived a few places where it was impossible - but have always made it a priority

in my life to have such space. When I cannot, life is just not good.

Skyrim is gorgeous .

I have a magnet wall, you can find magnets here: 

to save money and make counters easier to see you can cut each one in half, this restricts stacking a bit, but I use both methods.

There is some instruction on BGG how to make a magnet board that either you can mount permanently/semi permanently to your wall or attach to a board and frame for storage.  Some of the others might know a link for that.


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