What has recently arrived?


I thought it might be fun to add discussion thread specifically for new titles we have just received. They could be used, new, new hot of the press or just new to you. Pop up a pic, or post a note.

I'll kick things off:


It came 'free' with my purchase of this:

Tactical Napoleonic system. Interesting.  The Smithereens is interesting primarily because of the alt history opportunity post WWII, to roll into WWIII! That could be fun.

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Got a copy of Rise of Roman Republic that got lost in mail for a while.

Other recent deliveries include Dragon Pass, Riddle of the Rings, and San Juan - all used.

@ Enrico: Dragon PAss what is this thing grasshopper?

@ Jim - I'm steeling my self for ELias Nordlings re boot of NBS (Napoleon's Art of War ), different scale and unit ratings. I now own all the NBS titles bar one (Talavera - which I have it on loan), as a tentative trial ( just got them a few weeks ago - 35 shipped for 3.). 

Picked up Yom Kippur on a whim as well. SOme of these SCS titles go CHEAP. They have big replay value. I'm about to embark on my 3rd play of SPII.... I dont play many games more than 2-3 times (just too much good stuff out there.)

Dragon Pass is the first Glorantha-based wargame.

Been on my want list for a while, and finally found a copy I could afford - great condition too.

oh  and I'll be interested in your take on RRR.. I was put off buy it. But willing to be educated.

I have Carthage, and like the concept. Basically a cross between things from Imperium Romanum and Crusades. Haven't played it though, so I'm not sure if it avoids problems with IR. 

I'll say this much, the political rules made it a very desirable game to me.

I haven't looked at Rise yet, but Carthage's pleased me, and I can't imagine

that the earlier period wouldn't be even more interesting.

what about the politics appeals?

Especially for you as a solo player?

It adds to the story. Berg's always good about adding bits which help 

to provide variable context to a game. Actions are limited by who

is in power, IIRC - as well as particular commander selection.

Even opposed, I like things like this - though they are less important.

End up being humorous diversions.

Well, I just received:

GMT - Normandy'44

GMT - No Retreat! The Russian Front

GMT - Dead of Winter

GMT - Glory III

Beetween shipping and taxes, "just" around Us$ 150, and one of the packages didn't get taxed, thank God !

I need to get N44! No Retreat needs another play or 3. The others - I am yet to be moved by the ACW.

New in the house this week!

Mercury and Operation Market Garden from Worthington Games

All Things Zombie....yep. A Zombie game. BUT we are going to use some adapted rules and pop, the Delta Force in and 10th Mtn infantry to get it on.....it could happen....I saw it on TV.

I got On to Richmond from the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series. It was published in 1998 at the end of Avalon Hill with a short print run and is the rarest game of this excellent series. Mine was a mint copy and I got it at a fraction of the price that people are asking on the internet. It is almost too good to play...almost. 


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