Okay, I tried posting this on the CSW Forward Observer,

but it never went through?

Rule 7.0

1.  Do units under march orders have facing when not on a road?  I say yes

     Or, do they move in any direction, not having to pay the 1mp to aboutface or more than one face

     change?  I say no


Rule 9.22 March Movement/ 6.13 March Orders

2.  Can a unit(s) change into march order if it is less than four hours but not in loss of an enemy 

     unit(s)  I say no

Rule 16.1  From Dusk til Dawn

16.12  For a night game turns, all daylight rules are in effect, with the following changes and additions

* All maximum ranges are halved, round up.

All what ranges



Movement in general?


I say all the above.

Rule 9.42 Say you are allowed to move one hex provided it does't excede your full MP allowance, which in this case is 6 or 3 you are in attack.  

The hex in question is SW2452 Glass Mil Ford.  On the opposite side you have woods, breast works and are fonted by 3 Rogts hexes 2352, 2453 and 2552, can you cross?

Attack orders, cross the ford 1+, woods 3, breastwoks 1+, you may remove breastworks 1t+ = 6 (or is it 3 thier in attack orders), there are no more MPs.  So far is this right?

Rule 9.42, buttet 2 = no fire no shock

If i'm wrong.

Then you must shock.

Rule 11.21  The following units in these circumstances must shock attack.

"Under attack orders in that phase that move (they must have moved) adjacent to an enemy unit and did not fire."

Does this even take place?

I really need help with this

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