How do featured discussions get selected?

There are three, one of which (though interesting) has been locked for years.

They never seem to move.

The latest activity stream doesn't include what's happening in the forums.

How (other than paging through specific fora) does one find out what new

conversations have been started?

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Hmm...I found this in the stream. Maybe I'm mistaken on that point.

Swear I didn't see stuff that showed up in the general section. 

I think the forums work like on BGG don't they? The "forum" section on the front page lists all the latest ones. Any obscure ones you have subscribed to will alert you via e mail if you choose when someone contributes. That's my main gripe with it. I don't want to have to go through e mails to get to threads I want to see. I liked the way BGG did it with an alert at the top of the site for your subscriptions which you could click on to view, or not.

I think that this probably has to do with individuals' preference settings ... I don't know 100% because mine don't always show up there (hey, who needs me spamming the 'Latest Activity' sidebar when I get a burr up my saddle and start uploading  some images ...

Sometimes guys, I think, might be tweaking their privacy settings and things sort of don't show up where they expect after time.

Although I should say that I think the site here is set to show that material over there on that sidebar by default -but there can be a momentary lag to it.

I'm not really into getting emails once a topic gets too active (only in that it tends to fill up my inbox ... good- but bad if there was other business there that I was attending to. Seems to be a mixed bag sort of.

The sidebar/feed is sufficient for what we have right now,

but if the flow of traffic increases much, it's going to be overwhelmed.

Agreed. Some sort of individualised subscription sorting system would be a priority in any upgrade I think. Doing it via e mail overwhelms the rest of life doesn't it? My inbox is not for my wargaming chit chat. I want to keep that here.

I think Peter's right about the set up. It is probably a matter of a set selections of boxes to tick or untick (as the case may be)... of course finding end user documentation as to what is available so that end users can suggest features to the admin - well -that is one of the universals of the web.

Fwiw, and I am not suggesting it as an option (or even that it is for the current version) -there is one of those yellow Dummies books out there for Ning (otoh I imagine that series has a book called Dummies Books for Dummies: a catalogue of all what we have written in one handy dandy place.) :D

Another option would be to set up a temp free ning site, and find out what can be done for real.

Dunno - I don't have the time to do it - but I did spend a very brief look at the site - it looks like they were wanting to sell it there.  But if so, Enrico would be right.

I am pretty sure it is not an option on GoDaddy hosting (but I will have to have a look). If so I can get one set up on some site I have for those purposes.

There's this weirdness, where some things (like this) are ordered like

forum posts (top to bottom), and others (groups) run in the opposite direction.

Makes the site difficult to get used to.

Ning developers responded back and while they don't have a "thumbs up" feature yet committed to on their product road map, at least this one has come in multiple times to them so there may be a better chance something like this may be introduced over the mid-term (meaning 6+ months out I would guess). Fingers crossed.


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