Since I fit right in with the age group of long time wargamers I see it only fit to ask the question: Are you a traditional board gamer or, since Vassal arrived, do you prefer that?

Now I find Vassal a great tool when time and space is required.

I was just curious if there are those of us out there who still break out pencil and paper, or graph paper?

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I have to agree also. For me, there's nothing better than the feel of placing and moving counters, sifting through the rules, and rolling the dice. But you're right, large-scale boards, maps, and 10K pieces are best suited for Vassal. So I'm curious how my experience with that program will be when I start this GS WWIII adventure I have planned.

agree with the others here.  part of the appeal of a physical board game vs even a computer wargame is the board and pieces.  not being able to see the entire board at once is a huge detriment to vassal games vs physcal games.  but vassal is great to get an opponent you would not otherwise have access to

Wargaming is a social activity. Vassal is too awkward to replace that - but new tools for tablet computers eventually will provide a viable alternative.

Vassal for me is not a replacement but a complimentary option.  Particularly valuable when f2f isn't practical (large boards, long games, nasty wives.), but nothing will replace that face-to-face in-your-face physical pieces action.  

Not just wargames, my wife and I play a lot of Mahjong and no one on the planet would prefer a networked game compared the visceral physical experience.  Same with other forms of gambling and wargaming.


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