Hello all,

I just figured out a way to play Vassal games against other players who don't know Vassal but know ACD2 or ZunTzu. Here's the way:

I place my opening set-up units on the Vassal map and open up a blank word (or Microsoft Works word processer) document. I move the Vassal map around until I have most of the units and then hold down Ctrl and PrtScrn at the same time. This puts the graphic in the computer buffer. I then enlarge the blank word document and left click so the cursor appears on the blank document. I then right click and paste appears on the menu. I then left click on paste and it becomes part of the document. All we have to do is make sure we include all the parts of the map that contain units. In this way I can use Vassal and others can use ZunTzu or ACD2!!! We can resolve the battles by simply listing the attacking units (example 2-6,4-4,8-4 vs. 6-4 or 14-6 = 2 to 1) and use the AHIKS die roller or hamette die roller for the battle using the CRT.
Just make sure you click on the stack to show all units in the stack before using the Ctrl and PrtScrn at the same time in Vassal, otherwise you will have to list all the units in the stack in your email.


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Why not just use the camera button in VASSAL (add one if missing in the module file) and email the resulting image file (additional text can go in the email; it is sort of what emails are for)?


Still too cumbersome for me to find this useful, but at least without the overhead of MS Office.


I didn't know about the camera button. Thanks.


BTW, not all game modules have a camera button.  Take Paths of Glory for example.  In this case I just use the "Prt Scr" button on the keyboard.

Seems like a lot of work for nothing. Vassal is free, why don't you all just use vassal? Its user friendly and easy to use.

I'll include it in the next version. I only recently was alerted to the fact that this feature isn't activated (and in fact has never been, going way back to much older versions of the module).


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