If you pre ordered and have your CC info up to date you probably already received your game. Online sales in early January.

The game will handle the three operations centered on the mainland of Italy, Avalanche, the main invasion a few miles south of Naples, Slapstick, the capture of the large port and Italian naval base, and Baytown, the effort on the "toe" the boot by the British and Canadian divisions of 8th Army.
The Italian surrender of most of its combat units and all of its navy coincides with the Sept. 9th invasion date but pits the German mobile divisions against the efforts of General Mark Clark's 5th Army to establish a beachhead and drive north. Units are Regimental/B
Battalion scale and it uses an updated fog of war system called the Variable Combat Series.
This allows for a lack of complete knowledge on the exact dispositions, strength and makeup of the enemy and even the units under your own command.
Each game will be unlike the last due to a random strength chit held by the main parent units of the force.
Split scale and transit tracks keep large distances under control on two 22 X 24 inch map sheets and bring together the three operations to present a classic offensive as well as a difficult defense and counterattack.
This is done on a unique 6 level terrain map to show the monumental effect that the Italian mountains had on operations.
Three alternate history scenarios, one 4 turn invasion scenario and an 18 turn historical campaign game explore how it was done and what could have been done at the start of the road back to Berlin on the European continent.

There is already a Vassal module created by Greg Blanchett and it works very well with some added fog of war features to help game play feel more like tabletop. It will become available when the official launch is announced.

CSWE11 VCS Salerno



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Awesome, wish I could have been there!


With the date changes for next year, it looks real promising that I'll be able to make it to CSWE12. Would love to see a published copy of VCS Salerno there...  :-)


All VCS Kharkov lacks in order to start testing is the final standard rules and artwork for counters.

Great news Greg. I hope to see it completed or very close by then. It will be a good time finally meeting you.

I sat next to Mark Simonitch and he said he sees you  maybe twice a year at your local place.


Salerno made the front page today.

MMP is having its Winter Offensive, 4 day event in Maryland and the developer, Nick Richardson, will bring a playtest kit and dedicate a day to the demonstration. He has followed my ramblings and updates and will be the best advocate for the series introduction of the Variable Combat System (VCS), Volume 1 - Salerno.

Except for some final details swaping the direction of the on map charts, The 2 map sections are complete and beuatifully done by Niko Eskubi, our famously accomplished Spanish artist.

It is very hard to convey the look of the passersby when they first see the map. It turns some heads and most have to feel the map to see if it has actual texture feel to what they are seeing.

Wish them luck, as I live on the west coast and cannot attend. The last 20% of the preorders seems the hardest to pull in so please help spread the excitement until the goal is reached.



There are some new additions here. The example of play dealing with Transit Track combat basics is one of them.

I would recommend Nathan schedule a webinar with me on VCS Salerno. That will be a great vehicle to help get the word out about the game, etc.

Maybe I can throw in a plug for the second volume of the series...  :-)

Actually, no... the other picture was a module for my Fall Blau game/system. Similar, but this one is for VCS with a lot more detail at 3 miles/hex and one day turns.

I have never done one John. Maybe a set of questions I can get to work on would help set the groundwork. I bet the Avalanche team would like to get involved as well.

What a beautiful looking map and counters.

Quite special.

I can't wait for this one.

Well, actually I can.

But only because I have to and I don't have a choice.

I wish I could have been at that event at MMP though.

Thanks for that Vince. I couldn't agree more. Two demonstration showings are on the radar this summer. One by myself at the Consimworld Expo in June and the other by developer Nick Richardson at the WBC in August. We are pushing to complete the pre orders by fall if the numbers keep coming in steady,


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