If you pre ordered and have your CC info up to date you probably already received your game. Online sales in early January.

The game will handle the three operations centered on the mainland of Italy, Avalanche, the main invasion a few miles south of Naples, Slapstick, the capture of the large port and Italian naval base, and Baytown, the effort on the "toe" the boot by the British and Canadian divisions of 8th Army.
The Italian surrender of most of its combat units and all of its navy coincides with the Sept. 9th invasion date but pits the German mobile divisions against the efforts of General Mark Clark's 5th Army to establish a beachhead and drive north. Units are Regimental/B
Battalion scale and it uses an updated fog of war system called the Variable Combat Series.
This allows for a lack of complete knowledge on the exact dispositions, strength and makeup of the enemy and even the units under your own command.
Each game will be unlike the last due to a random strength chit held by the main parent units of the force.
Split scale and transit tracks keep large distances under control on two 22 X 24 inch map sheets and bring together the three operations to present a classic offensive as well as a difficult defense and counterattack.
This is done on a unique 6 level terrain map to show the monumental effect that the Italian mountains had on operations.
Three alternate history scenarios, one 4 turn invasion scenario and an 18 turn historical campaign game explore how it was done and what could have been done at the start of the road back to Berlin on the European continent.

There is already a Vassal module created by Greg Blanchett and it works very well with some added fog of war features to help game play feel more like tabletop. It will become available when the official launch is announced.

CSWE11 VCS Salerno



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Well, its into the new year and there are well over 100 orders to go before we can call it close to the finish line.
The huge surge in preorders once the flyer and announcement were delivered is needed again and I want to ask what gamers are wanting to push you off the fence or at least help you decide on the commitment of your 31.50?
Just to give you an idea, we are polishing up the 4 turn invasion scenario and the 2 rules booklets to post for your download pleasure. 
Will this do it? 


The standard VCS rulebook at its draft stage.


Anyway to get this game to GMT?

MMP is an old albatross, this game should have hit the numbers months ago and been at the printers by now.

Don, as frustrated as I am, these companies don't take over each others games until released from their "process". After that the whole mess begins again. I prefer to wait the next two months out and see what is offered.

99 orders left to go! We are on the official countdown. Help us get there by commenting.

OK here are the VCS Salerno exclusive rules. 98 orders to go and we need your support!

To those just tuning in, there is a May 1st deadline.

Thanks in advance



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I do put much more into the gallery at BGG. Each submission has its own comment section. Their files and information are better organized into partitions.


Over on the MMP company support page there is an effort to remind people to update their CC# information by going to the company website. http://talk.consimworld.com/WebX/.ee6d502/100773

The time it is taking to assemble the proper number of preorders caused 119 orders to be lost due to expiration/security issues last year. It has been a long fight back, knowing that with these the numbers might already have been reached. 

Please refresh your account. http://www.multimanpublishing.com/


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