Wargames That You're Sorta Curious About and Vaguely Regret Not Buying, But Are Not Losing Sleep Over

Red Star Rising: The War In Russia 1941-1944
D-Day at Omaha Beach

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I lost bid on Ambush! recently on BGG so I signed up for eBay and lost again;

discovering the thrill of bidding way too low and losing!  

Won on Flat Top very cheap though.  ; )

Nice! Did you score the original Battleline version of Flat Top? I had that one a very long time ago. Really cool game.

AH version, less than $20; not seen yet but supposedly in 'excellent' condition.  : ) 

I keep contemplating The Devil's Cauldron, and keep deciding against it. I've done this about 4-5 times now, and everytime I start looking at it again the price has gone up $50-60!!! I just can't justify spending $500 on a board game. 

I also want Where Eagles Dare (which is 1/4 the price of TDC), but because I can't get TDC I feel it would be a waste as I'd only have 'half' the operation (Market-Garden).

So I have neither...   :-(

I have WED, still in shrink and unplayed after about a year for pretty much the same reason. :-/

I've been looking for years for a decent price or a trade on TDC. And everyone I've contacted replies with "I'm not trading this because I want to play it some day". None of those people have ever played it. Fairly common with these monster games I think. We buy them in the hope of playing them (and because we're afraid we'll miss out and it will be OOP and unavailable), but, in the end, many of them just end up sitting there unplayed.

Which is why I traded away 'Case Blue' and 'GB II'. No time or space for monsters anymore.

I feel Case Blue and GBII

Nearly everything I don't own. 

I even regret not picking up things I KNOW I don't much care for (Der Weltkrieg, BAR) because I have some and find them interesting.

But, that regret may not be as great as the regret for the ones I'm stuck with (Prussia's Glory, VG's Fleet series) where 

I've bought copies in that kind of position,

Agreed. Best to feel vague regret than to have purchased and then felt buyer's remorse. I have a shelf full of unplayed Panzer Grenadier games to support that.

I guess if I didn't feel compelled to play them, I wouldn't feel so bad. :D

Well, for a very recent example, the other day I added Last Chance for Victory (MMP Preorder) to my cart...then I paused and had a think about it.

I took a good look through the rulebook and didn't really like the order system. Having to keep written notes on unit orders seemed annoying.

So I pulled the plug and didn't make the order...

And now, well, I just don't know. I would love to play the game at some stage, but probably never will.  I'm guessing the prices will skyrocket in the years after release and it will be impossible to find a copy. But should I get it just to 'have it' [fear of missing out]...???


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