Most of us have our own little tastes for genre. 

Maybe scope, maybe era. It would be nice to point to the 

what and why of the games which attract us most

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I am drawn to earlier eras. To some extent it's the romance -

especially in the tactical battle, imagining the troops marching

in parade ground-like formations nearly to the point of contact.

Especially in tactical. That image is what (I think) makes the

20th Century (and later) conflicts less interesting to me.

For strategic scale, I find I let the grand decision making

take me into a different story - which makes the more modern

games somewhat enticing. But, when the battle is fought,

it's picturing the tactical which still gives a strong edge

to these earlier eras.

Only in operational (which is my least favorite scale) do I begin

to shift in favor of the more modern simulations. The broad fronts,

and armies of stupendous size do draw me in here. The fact that there

are few operational treatments prior to WWII probably helps too - less

interest tends to mean lighter, less detailed games. 

Era for me - Napoleonic is something I can't stop thinking about. I prefer operational here. The mechanics of going in and out of line or column get a bit tedious but the grand sweep of the campaigns ties in with my reading and delivers history on a plate.

For WWII I can go tactical though. Panzer Leader still does it for me. Operationally here I prefer the Western Front although I have some great memories of The Russian Campaign. The current massive school of East Front stuff bewilders me a little, not sure why.

Peter - you may want to look at late WWI too.

The real infancy of the blitzkrieg is there.

Don't know it. I just remember getting a kick out of SPI's The Kaiser's Battle,

with it's  fluid feel. Rock of the Marne is up there too, for something in print

(interesting take on the SCS).

whilst I dont like Into the bastards as a game per se, it has a nice take on Tanks being used in WWI, in fact the first operation with tanks is represented. See Battles Magazine for the game.

I'd be interested to know what you think about Civil Power Sam. Understood about the graphics; this was a very early game, one of the first I designed. I would like to make some new counters, but it is just one of those things I never seem to get enough time to do. Ditto for the map (I thought staggered squares might be better for a city setting than hexes). By the way, a couple of weeks ago I wrote a new scenario for Civil Power and posted it to the BGG area for the game - extreme right-wing Israeli settlers raid an Israeli Army motor poll to sabotage their vehicles!

I've found that my own interests run in a cyclical pattern; a few years ago I had a big run with the American Civil War; and before that it was World War II for years.

At the moment, I am currently working with some ancients material, and I reckon that will be my latest cycle, and by virtue of being in Australia where there is a wealth of World War One related material, I imagine that will be a long term interest of mine of well.

At the same time, while I don't really get the chance to play all that often anymore, I do get to work with a lot of wargaming related material, which ends up being a hobby in itself.

I'm a big monstergame fan, but am mostly interested in gaming as a model of a war, campaign, or battle. Usually I work with grand tactical material, although I appreciate a good operational level game, but am not so big on the grand strategic games unless they also are tied to an operational element.

Most of my gaming, due to space considerations, have been in the PC format (however in my own 'defence' these are largely expanded versions of board/miniature games.

One thing I want to get to at some point, is get into miniatures, particularly in the same scale; and get into painting, table designs, as well as painting and designing village types, as well as fortifications (at this point it would seem logical to being in the late Roman Republic/Early Empire period, or Alexander the Great).

Minis always struck me as the way to go, for tactical.

But, I'm not so sure now. With so many periods, how

could I get enough crap to cover all periods? Since I

mainly game solo too, I wouldn't be able to rely on a club

to get my kick out of it (and if I did go that route, I could just

be a leech - players are usually wanted, even if they don't

have a lot of figures.

I know where you're coming from -- originally I guess you could say I came from a figure painting background. I have an uncle who was/is into that big time - for all different scales from 120mm down to -at least 1:1200th Napoleonic ships of the line.

The prospect/challenge of trying to paint a 6mm (maybe smaller) Roman Army, or creating some stands of Phalanxes appeals to me mostly as a modeller than anything else. You are right, though, price (as well as time taken painting) is a big factor. I doubt there is anyone near me interested in anything but WarHammer.

I was big on fantasy stuff (D&D more than armies). Always promised myself

when I got settled, I'd go big on them, but the time, and above all space,

prevent me. With the boardgames, I can buy prepackaged stuff that gives

me everything except the appearance - and that I can imagine. If I really want

to screw around with homemade campaigns (where I'd head no doubt with

minis), I could use maps from the tons of boardgames.

In my case- I ended up leaving my paints collection in the US -so that put a big dent on my plans as well (I will have to rebuild my paints collection, from basically scratch.).

~At this point though, I have been doing a lot of work assembling some screenshots of some ancients maps, and think that I am probably going to do some modified graphics work. Which leads to its own challenges ... like tents used by the Roman army (and what a top down view might look like), top down field looks, things like that ... it is its own hobby, for sure (lot of work- but I guess I like a challenge).

My paints died in a fire. :(


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