Okay, you have some free time on your hands while the CSW Forum is being restored. The long hours are ticking away and you've been online to check "just in case" several times but no luck so far. So what are you doing to fill your time?

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Joining and checking out CSW Social!

And taking care of the kids while the wife is away...
Having a life.
Searching for a cheap copy of Case Blue. Cheap is a relative term these days you will understand.

I read all that I could find about Case Blue. Still can't find a scenario size list. Three battles of Kharkov? Are they one map?

I outlined what I could see of AH's marketing strategy on a what happened to wargaming thread. Can't see the modern equivalent. Rennaisance talk over there. I'll believe it when MMP honors the 8 issues I had left to run on my "Operations" subscription.

Had a V-8. Love that junk. Ate five Ritz crackers.

Took my dog out and checked the temperature "in the shade." Ahk!

Wondered how bad the Consim site is damaged.

The usual.
Playing with new android phone (including making this post). Proofreading rules for a game (not sure I'm allowed to leak which game). Working on expansion for Trenches of Valor. Suddenly so much free time. ;)
Well it sure has me over here on the Social which I seem not to get to much at all anymore. so maybe a good thing came with the Forum being down for me ;)
Going over the rules for games I'm going to teach for the upcoming GlennCon. No, not GenCon, GlennCon - the local alternative con (fundraiser for ACS to boot) for those of us not able to attend. And doing the same for the Gaming Hoopla as well.
I went on a picnic in Golden Gate Park with my girlfriend and some friends with their three month old baby. It was the first time we'd seen the baby. And it was in the 70s which is warm for San Francisco in the summer.

Of course I would have done that even if the forum was up.
Working - kind of blows out my argument that I only play on CSW in the down time...
Reading map making tutorials on http://www.cartographersguild.com/ and teaching myself GIMP 2.6.
Scoring a copy of Flying Colors on Ebay!
Let's see....

Reading rules and starting to solo MedWar Sicily (looks good so far). And I hardly ever solo unless it's with Vassal or CB.

Filing away 8-9 months worth of bill receipts

Cut out the counters for Red Storm Over the Reich for next weekend's gaming session

Watch some of the Cardinal's game on the tube

Took a short nap

Jogged a half mile further than usual

Did some updates on the laptop I've never gotten around to

And you are right: checking in here several times 'just in case'

Oh, yeah.....almost forgot....internet porn JUST KIDDING!!
"Do you have a question about a specific technique ?"

Just trying to figure out which technique to use ;)

I've become quite adept at generating B/W land masses. Now I need to play with other tuts to generate terrain I like. Rivers seem to be quite a pain.

So far I have a very neat fantasy world started featuring a single mega-continent.


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