Okay, you have some free time on your hands while the CSW Forum is being restored. The long hours are ticking away and you've been online to check "just in case" several times but no luck so far. So what are you doing to fill your time?

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I've been reduced to working at work. It's made a little more bearable by the fact that the other half of my division, with whom I don't get along, is on vacation. Also, I'm taking pre-retirement training Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

What does Update 6 say about the outage? Unfortunately, I can't get to the CSW home page from work--my agency blocks it.

Update6: Forum Outage
We apologize for the forum outage we have been experiencing. We are presently conducting required database maintenance work before being able to enable services. This effort will take some time. We apologize for this inconvenience, and in the meantime, we invite you to join our social network site.
Just occurred to me that Total War could be released before the forum comes back up! They did say August, after all...

The internet has been down on the RU Sirius this week as well:

I'm with Dav in not finding this of great use, but I mainly come to CSW to check to see if I need to answer questions about games I have had something to do with rather than as a social thing. I do go to a few other folders, but only a few, and it has become less over the years.

pax, smn
Mostly just missing CSW. I will probably never get used to the social forums.

So, Dav, what is pre-retirement training? Is that where they teach you how to fish?
Making my own forum, with crayons and white glue. It's going to be a nice forum with a little frill and lots of pretty colors. I'm not crazy, realy i'm not crazy................
I should hope not. A bad day at the office beats a good day fishing.

The first day was about financial planning, with special emphasis on the Thrift Savings Plan--the federal government equivalent of a 401K. Also a bit about health care plans and Medicare. The second day was about the pension system, Social Security, insurance, and more about Medicare.
Running, coaching football (High School) and setting up and trying a few turns of Monmouth by COA rather than reading the Battles from the Age of Reason thread on the forum...
Great system. I think the best way to learn it is to read the rules, run a few turns (solo or with a friend), ask a few questions about the parts that made you scratch your heads (just not on CSW, unfortunately) and then play with/against someone who knows how to play. I have not played the AmRev battles yet, but watching the Lobositz battle unfold before my eyes was a lot of fun (really looking forward to the map extension).
So far, just playing games...pulling out some old SPI flatpacks from the stacks...this time "Moscow Campaign"

That being said, I really miss the forums for prepping up to play a game, as chances are someone has already asked the question you want to know about. Especially good are games that Don Johnson has posted a lot on.
I haven't tried any of the other series games (and I can't wait for 7 for the south?) - I what is the best of the other games in the series?


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