Okay, you have some free time on your hands while the CSW Forum is being restored. The long hours are ticking away and you've been online to check "just in case" several times but no luck so far. So what are you doing to fill your time?

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What's with the dirty pictures?
So is this RIP for the forum?

My gut tells me that if they were able to get something up from the backup by now they would have.

What happened? DB corrupt and the backups are all inconsistent and can't be used to recover? Damn that sucks.

Hardly any backups get a verification step run these days.
Any updates from John?
I haven't seen anything new from JK yet...
Job hunting.
Good luck with that, Lewis! I hope you land something quickly.
Thanks, Kai. You'd think I'd have all kinds of gaming time, but I'm constantly on the pc surfing the job boards, scanning the emails that come in, applying, etc. Some of these online application tools take a whole hour to fill out - then you go to the next one and you have to do it all over again. It does however beat job hunting the way we used to do it in the dark ages, i.e. drive around looking for places to apply and checking the paper - or for out of state stuff, scanning the phone books and newspapers in the library, and then mailing the resume (which had to be copied for ten cents a sheet) in a 9x12 envelope into what was basically a black hole.

I did get a couple of encouraging phone calls today, so we'll see what the Lord has in store :-)
Good luck, Lewis.

He calls you on the phone?
Well, up until BGG went down about two minutes ago, I was poking around on BGG while downloading some files before heading off to bed! I have also poked around a bit on TMP - been a while since I spent any time there.

Sure will be nice when this all gets resolved, maybe not as nice as it was since the last I heard we lost the database and the backup, but still nice.

For gaming, I also have been getting ready to finish the rules to Medwar Sicily (the old S&T/Schettler game not the new Berg game) in preparation of finally playing the game (solo) as well as Monday night Devil's Cauldron (as the Germans) at Mitches.
Last word from John is the backups are good, but they are having some problem with the webcrossing app.
Could just be a config issue - fingers crossed.
Just they have been working it solid for 2 days now(Lets not count the weekend) and still down.

Webcrossing don't have an office in Perth/Australia do they?


Haven't heard from John in a while :P
Incase it was missed by newbies to the social pages.



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