Okay, you have some free time on your hands while the CSW Forum is being restored. The long hours are ticking away and you've been online to check "just in case" several times but no luck so far. So what are you doing to fill your time?

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After careful consideration, a thorough examination of my finances and just plain self-indulgence, I took advantage of GMT's Clearance Sale and P-500'ed the reprint of "Ukraine '43" and "Spanish Civil War", then with the extra 10% discount, I bought GBOH "Devil's Horsemen" and the "Mamluk" module. Because Mongols Are Fun.

Also I got my latest copy of "Against the Odds" magazine today, with the 1866 Ironclads wargame "There Must be a Victory !" ("Ram Anything Painted Grey !")...(which WOULD actually have been a better title!).

and all the while sweltering under the hottest days of the year, so far.
Went to WBC over the weekend and had a good time.
What happened to CSW? Anyone know?
world of warcraft forums
I teased Lew Ritter that he should find Ted Raicer and beat him up since he was having debate withdrawl symptoms at WBC this weekend. A lot of vendors were griping about loss of business "face time" without the CSW forums, but what can you do? I decided to get back to work on a book that was due and working on ATO 27. Jawing on CSW is more fun, though.....
I'm beginning to think John brought down the Forum on purpose to drive traffic here.

Appears to have worked!

Sly Bastard!
I was thinking the same conspiracy.

I can't believe I'm checking in every couple hours to see if the forum is back up. Sad. I need to go out and do something else.

Reading throught Guns of Gettysburg design diary and that's been very interesting.
>I can't believe I'm checking in every couple hours to see if the forum is back up.

"Couple of hours"? That takes will power ;-)
Well, I did go outside yesterday. The sky looks a lot different in person than it does on my monitor.
Mowed the lawn... twice!
I must sheepishly admit to being 'lost' without the forum. Can't seem to find anywhere else to get my morning coffee fix.
I have managed however to find time to finish my Tactiques Napoleon Austerlitz module. Only took two years! Now for a VASSAL treatment and maybe a game.
I've been over on BGG. Commented on some stuff. Told people to sign up for Guderian's Blitzkrieg because used copies are going for $450. Trying to find out stuff.


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