Just curious to see what everyone has added to their collections lately. My collection has been growing since this discussion started, and it's interesting to see what others are buying!

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If you haven't seen it, Israeli Independence from VPG is a STEAL.
I'll have to add that to my list. Thanks! Have you played it?
I ordered two sourcebooks for Savage Worlds by Pinnacle Games. One is "Tour of Darkness" which is a "weird war" genre miniatures/RPG game set in Viet Nam. The other, "Deadlands: Reloaded," is similar genre, but set in the Wild West.

My game group does a "secret Santa" thing each year and we haven't traded gifts yet, but there are several Khyper Pass Games on my wish list.

Finally, I replaced my copy Battlelore that I gave to my nephew in May.

Other than that, I am supposed to be on a zero dollar budget for the year, but it doesn't seem to be working out that way for some reason.....
Just picked up "Hold The Line" by Worthington games - the components are awesome but have not gotten into the rules yet...
The last few were 'Unhappy King Charles' and 'Agricola' (yes, not a wargame).
I just got S&T 244 . Drive on Moscow. Fast and fun!
Recent acquisitions - trading and buying.


DG's remake of 'War Between the States' - as soon as TSS2 gets done (prob in late April) this will hit the 'big' table.
AH's Breakout Normandy and its kin, MMP's Monty's Gamble
Flat Top - been looking for a new copy for 3 years now, and Matt Severns hooked me up with a minty one - thanks for all those trades, Matt!

Buys (via CSW)

Wellington and Kutuzov - The TNW related CDG games are multiplayer goodness. since 3-5 of us is the norm, they fit well.

Leuthen - the Battles of the Age of Reason series is top notch consim material.

St. Lo by West End Games - got a good deal on that.

Blue Vs. Grey and DG's Battle Cry of Freedom. BvG is real gem. Got BoF with it as bundled deal.

That's a lot of stuff, but the prices and games offered on CSW Marketplace have been juicy the past 3 months.
the entire Combat Commander Series...and I'm glad I did!
No wargames recently. Just a German game, 'Louis XIV'.
Matrix computer version "Empires In Arms" I'm thinking this goes down as 70 bucks misspent.

Firefight games " Three Russian civil war battles Bundel offered last week. Mildly disappointed in only one of the three cases did the map and counters come close to looking as nice as the pictures on their site. Busy this week so it will be a while before the counters get mounted and I give 'em a spin. Big plus the rules look short.

Lately though most of my money is going into Lumber and Hardware. If lucky that changes by this time next year.
Case Blue (Gamers/MMP) ... I imagine I live long enough to get to play it ... lol

Afrika II (Gamers/MMP) ... looks to be a great SCS game.

Ardennes '44 (GMT) ... out of print - got it off eBay ... suppose to be a good game

Bataan (GMT) ... Pre-Ordered, can wait to play ... I'm most interested in early WWII History

Looking to Buy - OCS Sicily (Gamers/MMP) & OCS Korea (Gamers/MMP)
Nice Terry!


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